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  • BuriedSoul - It doesn't hold a tone very good at all

    Lip Piece gave me a wicked rash. It doesn't hold a tone very good at all. and the keys have discolored regardless of the fact I washed my hands every single time I played, before I picked it up. I also cleaned it thoroughly before I put it away every single time... Didn't matter.

  • mrsjch1 - LOVE this stroller! Look no further!

    LOVE this stroller! So easy to fold up and carry! It only weighs 11lbs, but feels lighter than that to me. Also just as easy to unfold and load your child in. Has a great cup holder attached, and storage underneath. The handles are up high, which is great for us parents, so we don't have to bend down to push the stroller. Great turning radius, and doesn't take up much room in the trunk(we have an SUV). I plan on keeping this stroller for all of my future kids! Go ahead and spend the money! You get what you pay for..a wonderful stroller!

  • S. Maeller - OMG I can't believe they've been found!

    These are monstrously dangerous cables. They are extremely powerful and even capable of spontaneously inducing time travel, which is how they ended up in the possession of Nikola Tesla in 1900. Few know that these very cables were the key power behind Wardenclyffe Tower, aka the Tesla Tower, and Tesla's experiments in wireless energy transfer. Tesla himself did not fully comprehend their immense destructive powers until he used them to test his "Death Ray" in 1908 and subsequently destroyed 1000 square Km of forest in the Tunguska region of Siberia. After the Tunguska event the cables disappeared (travelled to another time or dimension?) and Tesla never recovered from their loss. These cables may very well be responsible for killing off the dinosaurs, the explosions at Krakatoa and Mt. Saint Helens, the rise of Steve Jobs and the world domination of Bill Gates and Microsoft (they are very fickle cables). Now they've mysteriously shown up on Amazon. It's tempting to control that kind of power but YOU MUST RESIST THE TEMPTATION. Don't Buy Them, DO NOT USE THEM! The destructive horrors you unleash could destroy our world or even worse, bring back Betamax and 8 tracks.