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  • Matthew P. - Not good at all!

    Will not buy again, no matter how much time I spent on them all they did was crumple and stick to themselves.

  • ks1543 - Very Pleased!

    I couldn't be happier! This product was super easy to install, and I now have wifi at the far reaches of my house. As everyone indicated, the switch out to the US plug was a bit tricky but with the suggestions posted, I was able to do it.

  • Brandy35 - Winner of iF Design Award out of 5,000 entries and judged by 58 experts of design!

    Totally love it! It raises the bar for fitness trackers. Not only that but it is your own personal fitness coach! Great news! MOOV NOW™ was chosen as a winner of an iF Design Award in product design out of 5,000 entries judged by 58 experts of design. The iF Award has been recognized for the last 60 years as a label for excellence in design. We are honored to be selected and join the ranks of Adidas, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Nikon and more with this renowned label. It has also been recognized by Sports & Fitness, ISPO, and Stuff Awards. The best part is that it is cheaper than the competition too! I can get at least 2 of these for the price most trackers. If you are a swimmer, runner, walker, or boxer, you will love this. If you would like to use me as a referral, check it out via this link

  • K. Westrope - Great book about dads

    I first read this book to my three year old granddaughter. She loved it, and now asks me to read it whenever I visit. The last time I read it, my 10 year old grandson was also there and he enjoyed it too. He liked how the story turned everyday things the dad did in to superhero powers. I like this book because it shows dads in such a positive light, and there are way more books about moms than there are about dads. This is one I highly recommend.

  • Navy Mom - Buyer Beware

    After seeing the infomercial on Luminess Air I decided to try it. When I called to place my order I was told it would be a free 30 day trial and I would be charged $29.95 plus S&H every two months. I opted for fed-ex delivery which was $14.95. Imagine my surprise when the post office delivered it to my house. To make matters worse when I checked my bank account they had already taken out a payment and I still hadn't rec'd it. When I called to find out why since it was supposed to be free for thirty days I was told it was a security deposit. Ok, I could live with that because I just knew it was going to be wonderful. I was so WRONG!!! The make up they sent wasn't dark enough and I had an orange glow after it dried. I called to get a darker color which arrived promptly but I then had an even darker orange glow. At this point I decided the system wasn't for me and called to cancel. The rep I talked to said they can't resell the system so if I wanted I could keep it they and would zero my balance out. I had also ordered the tanning system that I didn't use, was charged for, and was told that I wouldn't get any of that money back only the security deposit. I had found a similar product on Amazon and decided to keep the system for spray tanning. I was supposed to receive an email with all of the details showing my new balance but never rec'd it. I called again the following day and that rep told me I would have gotten all of my money back except $60 but since it was considered a final sale it was done. Don't believe anything they tell you. I will do my shopping with Amazon from now on and if they don't have it I don't need it.

  • Robert W. Allan III - Bad Dobby

    I think Jim Kay's illustrations of Dobby were almost cartoonish compared to other drawings. I was very disappointed since it was so badly drawn and Dobby is one of my favorite characters. I hope he does a better job next time.

  • Mickey - surprising, thoughtful, entertaining!

    I really enjoyed this novel... actually, way more than I thought I would. The concept is not one I've read before, and the encounter is very surprising in its subtlety and transitions as the characters build their roles. I highly recommend this to anyone who has considered what contact would be like, and where it might take us.