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Lakes Region Nutrition Center, LLC - An independent natural food store in downtown Meredith NH, selling quality supplements, gluten-free foods, organice produce, local meats, organic body care, bulk products, organic wine and more.

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  • Chad meadows - They fit great, took a little adjusting but that's expected

    They fit great, took a little adjusting but that's expected. They look great on my rzr and keep A LOT of the mud out. Instructions were clear and installation was easy.

  • Amazon Customer - The Best!

    We have tried all kinds of mouth rinses...Biotene is the first to do the job right. Our dentist was amazed...tastes good...all natural...no toxic whiteners or sugars...1st time I've never had a build up of tartar!

  • Amazon Customer - Bought watch as a gift

    Bought this watch for my boyfriends birthday. He loves fossil watches. Love the look of the watch. The only thing I didn't like is that you can respond to emails but not text messages.

  • S. Wilson - Then you just feel bad. Oh

    Tried it two months. No reduced appetite. Energy for about a week, until you acclimate to the caffeine and stimulants. Then you just feel bad. Oh, and I GAINED 3 lbs!

  • Meggowatt - Going back to these after trying another brand

    I had Speck Candyshells for my previous iPhones and loved them, but they didn't sell them where I got my iPhone 5, so I tried another brand for a while. The other one worked fine to protect my phone (thankfully), but the color began wearing away around the edges before long, and generally looked dirty and old, so I replaced it with this Candyshell. Why I didn't just wait and get this from the beginning, I don't know! I will never have a different case again, you just can't argue with how great these are. I've dropped it from 5 feet high in the air and the phone and case are as good as new, and months later it still looks like I just bought it yesterday. There's no reason to try any other iPhone protector/case if you're looking for durability and protection for your phone. 5-stars.

  • C. Monclova - Hours of fun!

    My kids have a blast with these videos. We end up with half the neighborhood in our house all dancing in sync ... they will even jump in and do the dance if they don't have a remote.

  • Mom of 2 - This stuff really works (at least for me)

    Let me just say, I have tried almost everything (only OTC) and each affect feels like I've been fighting a grizzly bear all night when I wake up. At times when I was desperate, I took NYQUIL cause I knew it was going to get me a restful night's sleep. Then BAM! the commerical (they heard my prayers)! I quickly rushed out to buy the liquid formula (2 bottles) and I have been hooked every since. Since I have taking ZzzQuil, I have taken the disclaimer to heart as being NON HABIT FORMING, I will be honest and say I cannot sleep without it. I do not suffer from insomnia, I just LOVE the way it keeps you SOUND, I mean SOUND asleep all night. I have found myself in the same position all night and woke up REFRESHED! I have heard that it does not work for everyone. But I will say this product will forever be in my medicine cabinet for the rest of my life.