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Laura Collett Eventing - Laura Collett Eventing: Laura is 25 years of age and in her eighth year as a professional event rider, based at Windy Hollow Stables, in Lambourn.

  • http://www.lauracollett.com/team/laura-collett/ Laura Collett Profile | Laura Collett Eventing - Laura Collett "I understand the level of commitment & hard work that is required to ride & win at the highest level. I believe I have the talent & drive to succeed."
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/team/support-team/ Laura Collett Support Team | Laura Collett Eventing - Laura Collett Support Team - My team is so important to everything we achieve here at Windy Hollow Stables. Let me introduce you to everyone involved...
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/owners/ Owners | Laura Collett Eventing - I very much want my owners to enjoy eventing for it to be a fun, friendly & welcoming environment. I also aim to make it as rewarding as possible.
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/team/the-trainer-yogi-breisner/ The Trainer Yogi Breisner | Laura Collett Eventing - Yogi Breisner Performance Manager, Eventing and Lead for World Class Programme Coach & Staff Development has been training me since 2005.
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/achievements/ Achievements | Laura Collett Eventing - View all of Laura Collett's achievements to date including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in Eventing
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/facilities/ Facilities | Laura Collett Eventing - Read and view the impressive facilities at Laura Collett Eventing, Windy Hollow Stables, Lambourn a wonderful place, that horses seem to settle instantly.
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/image-gallery/ Image Gallery | Laura Collett Eventing - View my Image Gallery of Horses at Windy Hollow Stables, both past and present
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/video-gallery/ Video Gallery | Laura Collett Eventing - View a selection of videos from my Video Gallery here including interviews and footage of competitions.
  • http://www.lauracollett.com/events-diary/ Events Diary | Laura Collett Eventing - Keep up to date with all of the competitions l will be taking part in through my Events Diary here.

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