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  • Ktrekker - Loss and Love

    I enjoyed reading this story, though it was a bit whiney in parts. Great loss can bring people together to help with their grief but in this case Elizabeth's stepfather brought her and Liam to console each other. Dad knew what he was doing. ARC reader for honest review 🤓

  • Mary H Christian - Poor Support with Installation Problems

    An older version of McAfee came with a PC that my parents bought. They tried to install this version and had problems. When they called McAfee for help, McAfee referred them to a paid, third-party support service. They purchased the service but McAfee still wouldn't work right. The service has also deleted/hidden most of Window's built-in administrative/maintenance features. My parents can't stand McAfee after this experience. I've replaced McAfee with Norton. No problems with Norton installation & performance.

  • Chris from Bethpage - does it work?

    I purchased this product anticipating that it would help me feel better and loose weight. It did none of those things. Very Disappointed, and not worth the money.

  • RachelB - Way to ruin it!

    Ever since Burts Bees was bought-out by Clorox they've been re-folmulating all of their products, and not for the better! This baby shampoo and body wash is way too harsh, especially for kids and babies. It strips the skin and leaves it completely dried out, and tangles up the hair leaving it feeling stiff and crunchy. Time to look for a new natural baby care line. Way to ruin a great thing Clorox, way to ruin it!