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My Self Improvement Journey - Self improvement advice and tips and self-help techniques including information about drug side effects and diet-related diseases.

  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/anti-cancer-foods.html Anti-cancer Foods - Lists plant-based anti-cancer foods and highlights the phytonutrients responsible for their anti-cancer effects.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/yeast-infection.html Yeast Infection - Yeast infection is associated with many symptoms including headaches, rashes, itching, joint pain, chronic fatigue and constipation. It causes sugar, yeast, bread or alcohol cravings.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/public-speaking.html Public Speaking - Mastering public speaking is great for boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/music.html Music as a Self Help Tool - Music is a powerful self help tool that can be used for relaxation, learning, memory improvement and healing.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/affirmations.html Affirmations - How to use affirmations to change your limiting core beliefs and to become successful in all areas of your life.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/self-improvement-blog.html Self-Improvement Blog - Lets you know whenever I update the website with new pages on self improvement and self help techniques, books and seminars.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/health-and-wellness.html Health and Wellness - It is easier to follow a self improvement programme once you have taken steps to improve your health and wellness.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/diet-related-diseases.html Diet-Related Diseases - Diet-related diseases include some cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/cancer-prevention.html Cancer Prevention - Cancer prevention involves cutting out or drastically reducing consumption of animal products which cause most chronic diseases and eliminating refined and processed foods from the diet.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/book-reviews.html Book Reviews - This book reviews page looks at books and audio programmes from which I have gained valuable background information, self help tips and self improvement techniques.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/self-help-tools.html Self Help Tools - These are self help tools that have helped me gain self confidence and change negative thoughts about myself.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/hypnosis.html Hypnosis - Describes what hypnosis is, its benefits and the ways in which you can achieve a hypnotic state.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/self-help-resources.html Self Help Resources - This self help resources page provides links to additional information about self help tips, advice, articles and other information related to self improvement, health and well-being.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/newsletter.html Newsletter - The Passionate About Self Improvement newsletter brings you self help and self improvement updates, news and events.
  • http://www.learn-from-my-self-improvement-journey.com/disclaimer.html Disclaimer - Disclaimer: this is purely an informational site. I suggest you apply the advice on this site with the approval of your healthcare professional.

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  • M. Kovarik - Linux (mostly) Compatible

    Installed Ubuntu 16.04. Everything seems to work, including Bluetooth and resuming from a suspended state.

  • Briefus - It worked a little, but still ripped out the carpet

    It was okay. 3 stars because I did better than some other stuff we've tried, but no more than 3 because we still ended up ripping the carpet out due to the odor. In our case, the urine had already soaked through to the padding, so this was a last ditch effort. I'll try to use this again in the future if we have anymore accidents on the new carpet, and update the review later.