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Dictionnaire Internet Africain des Medicaments - Le Dictionnaire Internet Africain des médicaments (Edition Afrique sub-saharienne) est un répertoire des médicaments à usage humain ayant obtenu une autorisation de mise sur le marché et disponibles dans les pays d'Afrique sub-saharienne.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Amazon Customer - so happy with this seat

    I switched to the Fllo after our Radian RXTs were in an accident rendering them unusable. I am so, so happy with this seat. It is just has heavy as the Radians but they seem a bit more bulky due to the sides - I consider this worth it because it does make me feel more secure that my kids are a bit more surrounded. I found this seat easy to set up - though you do need to read through the manual to make sure that you hit every point (like how the crotch-strap comes in the smallest setting possible but you can elongate it as well as move it to the forward strap depending on the size of your child). Installing these seats was a breeze - easier than any of the Britax, Graco, or Dionos that we own or have owned previously. Also, we ordered the seat in Thunder and Flamingo. I was hesitant about the pink but my 3-year-old insisted and I actually like it. It isn't quite an obnoxious hot pink but it is definitely bright. The Thunder is a cross-hatched grey pattern that I love.

  • Mama SWA - Lipozene

    I am very afraid to try this diet pill because when I opened the box and took out the pill bottle, the warning label on the side says it will swell in your throat and may cause choking...if it can cause throat blockage, couldn't it cause digestive tract blockage...perhaps that's how you lose the weight, if nothing can get through, you would definately lose weight, lol.

  • Amazon Customer - A silly conclusion (or at least should be) to a series that had a promising start

    The third book of the series (apparently a fourth is anticipated) continues the decline. In this book the central action is taking place at the highest levels of human and alien societies. The cracks in the world building break the plot up into silly pieces. The writing also seem rather more repetitive than the earlier books. We are building up to a grand confrontation between humans and the scum who had killed half the Earth's population 50 years ago. Our heroes have a special role to play in killing the scum emperor. One of the tensions the book never resolves is that it wants to show the war is awful and always wasteful, but simultaneously show the scum as irredeemably evil. After starting only a couple of years earlier where human technology was vastly inferior to the scum, we find that humans can do even better and the final battle with the scum emperor is resolved by yet another unmotivated deus ex machine. Earlier we have a whole insert where apparently just for the fun of it we meet a new groups of aliens with our heroes seeming recruiting 5 or 6 races to the cause in just a few days while they are marching off to the big battle. Definitely ambassador materiel!

  • Roses_Three - NOT Classic Sorry!

    BUYER BEWARE - This is NOT like Classic Sorry, as the description reads. This game only has 3 pawns per player instead of 4 (making the game much shorter), the cards are very different (e.g. the 2 does not say to take a pawn out of start, or to draw again), the cards are very thin, cheap feeling, and easily bendable, and lastly the fire/ice component is very poorly described in the instructions! I'm frustrated with Amazon's inaccurate description on this product and very disappointed in the poor quality of this game.

  • Dianne O - TRY IT

    This is the first review I've ever written...that's how much I love this thing. If you've used a Neti Pot, then you should have no problem with this. Once you learn how to use it properly, the entire process should take no more than 15 seconds. The most time consuming part if the clean up (I live in an area with hard water, so I dry mine REALLY well to avoid calcium/lime build up).