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Lemsip Cold and Flu Advice Centre and Product Information - With more than 40 years experience and research in cold and flu remedies, Lemsip hope to be able to share some of our top tips and knowledge with you.

  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/ Colds - Lemsip Guide to the Common Cold - A cold is a mild infection of the respiratory system (affecting the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways) caused by a virus. 
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/causes-of-a-cold.php Causes of Colds - Lemsip - It's virtually impossible to have contact with other people and not catch a cold from time to time as the viruses are so common.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/symptoms-of-a-cold.php Cold Symptoms - Lemsip - The first sign of a cold is usually a dry, scratchy sore throat which experts believe may be due to the virus infecting the back of the nose.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/lifecycle-of-a-cold.php Lifecycle of a Cold - Lemsip - Typically cold symptoms last for around seven days although according to the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff some cold symptoms may persist for up to 14 days.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/treating-a-cold.php Cold Remedies – Treatment for Colds – Lemsip - Got a cold? There are a great range of products from Lemsip available for you to choose at the pharmacy or straight from the supermarket that can help.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/differences-between-a-cold-and-flu.php Differences Between a Cold and Flu - Lemsip - One-third of Britons think flu is just a bad cold. However with flu the fever and muscle aches are far worse and symptoms come on much more quickly.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/colds/did-you-know.php Facts about Colds - Lemsip - Check out these Did You Know Facts about colds including the longest recorded sneezing fit and how colds are spread.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/causes-of-flu.php What Causes Flu? - Lemsip - The germs that cause flu are spread from someone who has the flu, or is coming down with it, via droplets that are sprayed out of the nose or mouth. 
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/symptoms-of-flu.php Flu Symptoms - How to tell if you have the Flu - Lemsip - One of the main symptoms that differentiates flu from common cold is high fever. Other symptoms include headaches, coughing a sore throat and muscle aches.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/lifecycle-of-flu.php Lifecycle of Flu - Lemsip - Chances are you came into contact with the flu virus a couple of days before the symptoms began to show. Unlike a cold Flu comes on fast.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/treating-flu.php Flu Treatment and Remedies - Lemsip - If you are under 65 and otherwise healthy the NHS advice when suffering Flu is that that you should be able to get better by looking after yourself at home.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/have-you-got-a-cold-or-flu.php Have You Got Flu or a Cold? - Lemsip - Anyone who has had flu will tell you that although the symptoms may sound similar to those of a bad cold, it's not. The symptoms of flu feel more severe.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/flu/did-you-know.php Flu Facts - Did You Know? - Lemsip - Some little known facts about flu that you might not have come across before. Discover how long the flu virus can survive and who is most at risk.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/ Coughing - Lemsip Guide to Coughs - A cough is the most common symptom for which we seek medical advice – in fact, over half of new patient consultations with a GP are to ask about a cough.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/causes-of-a-cough.php Cough Causes - Lemsip - Most people with a cough have a respiratory tract infection caused by a virus, such as the common cold, flu or bronchitis but there are other reasons.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/lifecycle-of-a-cough.php Lifecycle of a Cough - Lemsip - A single cough is caused by a very quick chain of events. The brain reacts to special receptor nerves in the airways that have indicated a problem.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/mucus-cough.php Mucus Cough Treatment and Information - Lemsip - This type of cough, known as a mucus cough, can be exhausting as the body puts a lot of effort into trying to expel the irritating mucus.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/dry-tickly-cough.php Dry and Ticky Cough Remedies and Causes - Lemsip - Coughing occurs when the throat and upper airways become inflamed – due to virus particles from the common cold or an irritant such as dust or smoke. 
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/coughs/chesty-cough.php Chesty Cough - Cause and Remedy - Lemsip - A chesty cough is the body's way of expelling phlegm, which could otherwise settle in the lower airways and lungs. Find out how to treat Chesty Coughs.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/ Guide to Symptoms - Lemsip - There are over 200 different viruses which can cause a common cold but they share many similar symptoms.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/blocked-nose.php Blocked Nose Causes & Treatments - Lemsip - To effectively help clear a blocked nose, look for a cold and flu remedy that specifically includes an oral decongestant ingredient.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/runny-nose.php Runny Nose Causes and Treatments - Lemsip - Try a product that includes an active ingredient known as Phenylephrine Hydrochloride if you have a runny nose as this can help to dry up secretions.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/sneezing.php Sneezing Causes and Treatments - Lemsip - A sneeze can be caused by dust allergies, hay fever or viral infections such as the common cold and flu. 
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/sore-throat.php Sore Throat Remedies - Lemsip - Tips for treating a sore throat associated with a cold or flu. A dry scratchy sore throat is often the first sign that you have a dreaded cold coming on.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/headache.php Headache Causes and Treatments during Colds and Flus - Lemsip - A cold or flu symptom is a headache which can be caused by congestion (blocked nose, sinusitis). Tips for treating headaches associated with colds or flu.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/fever.php Fever Symptoms, Causes and Treatments - Lemsip - While most fevers are not serious and tend to go away on their own once the illness or infection clears up, they are not pleasant.  Tips for treating Fever.
  • http://www.lemsip.co.uk/symptoms/aches-and-pain.php Aches and Pains During Cold and Flu - Lemsip - Aches and pains in the muscles and joints are common when you have a viral infection, such as a cold, but they tend to be far worse with the flu. 

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