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  • P. J. Huber - good transaction very satisfied

    Local stores had run out of this item. I was able to get this one for the same price. very pleased with quality and turn around. no negative issues.

  • Joeff - USANA Nutritional Essentials 2 Packs

    If you want to maintain your youthful energy, this is the one to buy. I've been using this product over a year after switching over the counter multi-vitamins and it works! You should give it a try and you'll be glad you did. It keeps me going all day like Eveready battery! It's like a Viagra at less cost and a Viatamins on steroids!

  • sdecesare - 5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever

    There are so many defects and so many issues with this version it is NOT worth buying. I have been using FINALE since the 3.5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever. Takes them forever to update issues and when they do update, they mess up something totally. They use their customers as guinea pigs to test out their product (defects and all) so that the customer can find the problems and then hopefully fix them. Bad business practices.

  • Kindle Customer - So Enjoyed This! Some Spoilers

    Enjoyed the series, but have one pet peeve:-). Macy not being held responsible for the loss of the twins! Why was that never brought up? Disappointed with the Joie storyline and wished she had changed. Can't believe she left her daughter because Maleek didn't want her. Then Stacy having an abortion because they are not together. Joie and Stacy were really immature and selfish. Just was not feeling them at all. Besides that, so loved this series and sad to see it end. Seems like Kills needs a story. Think she needs a male character to change her view of men. Diego??? Thanks for a great read!

  • Norway Mom - Thoroughly charming

    This was fun, light reading with characters I'd love to hear more from (oh, the stories old Mrs. Granger could tell!). The book had a nice pace and kept me turning the pages, with a charming sprinkling of quaint expressions like "butt over teakettle" (topsy turvy).

  • Aaron - I bought this to repair the window on my 25008am ...

    I bought this to repair the window on my 25008am convertible Audi after the window separated from the top due to heat. Oddly enough, a friends top had the same issue (Mustang Cobra 2012) in the next week and they successfully fixed their window/convertible top as well. Saved me $5,000 at the dealership getting a new top. Did you know they dont fix the back windshield in convertibles? They say they have to replace the whole top!!!! Thanks Rhino Glue!