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  • Doris Duzyj - Not So Much

    I found this manual to be a cursory explanation of how to navigate Quickbooks 2012. When confronted with actual problems, the book offers no solutions nor alternate ways to search for what may have been erroneously entered into the software. Although the language is down to earth and sprinkled with humor, much more detailed instruction would have been appreciated by the neophyte user of Quickbooks.

  • batman - Another close encounter

    Nasa sends a bunch of Astronauts off to explore an alien space ship stuck in the Asteroid belt. Supposedly they were being sent to Mars then Nasa changed and sent them to explore an alien space ship discovered forty years ago in a photograph.

  • Christine - Amazing!

    I love this cleanser!!! I have combination skin and I sometimes have breakouts, especially when I am stressed. This cleanser is great because it sloughs off the dead skin without irritation. I also love how it doesnt dry out my skin! And I have a lot less breakouts now, and when I do, its not as bad as it used to be. Even if you have sensitive skin, this cleanser is perfect, of course there are other great cleanser options if you think this will irritate your skin. Also, this cleanser really helps to minimize/clean out your pores. I really noticed a difference after using it for only a week.