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Welcome to Linton Family Pharmacy - Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Healthcare Uniforms, Medications, Remedies, First Aid, Health & Beauty - Linton Family Pharmacy has long been an anchor of the Linton and Greene County communities. In the Spring of 2006, Pharmacist Jeff Doris took ownersip of the store. Despite the change in management, you will still find the same superior customer service, competitive pricing, and great product selection that you've come to expect at Linton Family Pharmacy.

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  • Albert - If you've tried other "mesh" systems and returned them disappointed, give Orbi a shot

    I just read the review done by Tim Higgins(SmallNetBuilder.com): "Mesh Mashup Redux - NETGEAR's Orbi Checks In"

  • Amazon Customer - Not impressed

    I got this from Amazon for 50.00 with a coupon code. I was impressed by the reviews, and thought it would be a good replacement for another dashcam that I had. As the other reviewers have stated, the manual gives no information as to what the features do. I went to the website, and they have downloadable manuals, but they are the exact same as the crappy one that comes in the box. The camera has a "Car DV Player" program in it's memory for download and installation on your computer. It only runs the video for a couple of seconds, freezes and that is it. Fortunately you can view the videos in a standard player such as Windows Media or VLC. The camera has a GPS function which I enabled, and it shows on the screen that it is receiving a signal, but it is not registering any speed on the display, nor does any GPS information appear in the "Car DV player program". Video quality is better than most cheap dashcams, but overall this one is disappointing.

  • C. Clement - no noise while driving on the highway and it looks much better than the stock 2½ foot whip that came with ...

    works well for in-town reception, I don't listen much to radio stations, so this works quite well for me. Low profile, no noise while driving on the highway and it looks much better than the stock 2½ foot whip that came with my 4 Runner.

  • Hairy Bear - dependable backup

    Powerful backup tool I have used several versions of this tool. Twice I have used to recover from drive failures. When the boot sector on my hard drive failed I was able to use the Acronis boot disk to use my machine until I had time to replace the drive. Easy to setup and forget until you need it.

  • Roberta Flack - Horrible. I will not watch it

    Horrible. I will not watch it. In the first 10 minutes, the violence and gore against characters we know and love is ridiculous. We're not talking about zombies anymore; now we have to watch humans violently assaulted. Nobody needs this in their lives. Why sit through it? Find something positive to watch, or at least something that's not devolved into a gory blood bath. A shell of what the show used to be.

  • PAPASTAG - Perfect for the bedside

    Verified as fast charging for my Galaxy Note 5. It charges through the case, and is unobtrusive - it lights up when it begins charging and shuts off after a few seconds, so it's not distracting on my nightstand.