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Country:, North America, US

City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • J. Syrkiewicz - Thank God

    Over the past seven years, I have been housebound, afraid to venture outdoors because of an absolute lack of confidence in myself, and my physical appearance. Although I am considered by many to be an attractive individual, I have harboured a shameful secret for years which has severely hampered my self-esteem and overall ability to socialise, enter in to meaningful dialogue with others, or indeed interact with people on any level.

  • Master Woo - Shifter feels great

    This goes great in hand with the lower & upper shifter bushings and definitely tightens up the shifting and gets rid of the play. Gives a very firm shifting.

  • Lilia's CO2 sales - $600 a year every year

    They are pushing the "CLOUD" then you will be paying by the minute, just like the early days of the internet. Check Adobe, and others that want you to have a dumb terminal and run in the cloud with annual subscription fees.

  • Manesia Kelly - A waste of film

    This "movie" SUCKS! the acting IS BAD, the dialogue is worse I couldn't watch this piece of garbage 10 mins. before I got very disappointed (huh) I thought I was going to be seeing a "good" movie cause of the title DON'T LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU!! this "movie" IS a Big waste of time PERIOD!! somebody should've stopped this from ever getting out in the movie world. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS unless you really like cheaply made movie's and bad acting plus dialogue to match