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Blood Grouping Reagents | Lorne Laboratories UK - Lorne Laboratories manufactures and provides quality & affordable blood grouping reagents and blood transfusion solutions to professionals worldwide.

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  • Hananh - I recommend if you have PCOS

    I hadnt had my period by myself in over 10 years 3 months after taking this i got it. I will say i had a complete lifestyle change as well. No diary, gluten, i only eat clean, and exercise lightly . But this gave me the added boost i needed.

  • Natalia - OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case for iPhone 7

    Otterbox rules. I love the protection the product is built to do. The commuter series is nice and thin with a double layer of protection.

  • sharon white - Publisher 10

    Am enjoying learning to use this program. Essential for doing the bulletins and monthly newsletter for the church. Especially enjoy the split page option for doing inserts for the bulletin.

  • Goldilocks - They Should Tell You This First

    This oil blend contains some potent citrus blends that can break down plastic. I found out the hard way by using it in a nalgene bottle that is now ruined. Use only in glass or stainless steel/aluminum containers.

  • Worry About Yourself - SUPER CUTE!

    I haven't had time to blow it up yet because there is no way a human being can do it. So once I can borrow an air compressor, I'll fill it up and take pics to finish my full review. But for now, this comes wrapped in a nicely packaged box well protected from any outside objects that might rip or tear it. This thing is huge and VERY heavy when deflated but the vinyl is extremely thick so that's a great thing for a pool toy The colors are bright and vivid and it's super cute! We do have a pool so I will return soon to post pics and finish my review!

  • RN SuperMom - super great walking stick

    This is a VERY well built walking stick. It has the weight to it that lets you know that it means business. It's great for hiking because it's aluminum, not too heavy but not just a little flimsy stick either. It's great, very very durable and strong. My husband and I both tried this out and agreed that it is one of the best that we have found. I love the little compass on top too, neat little bonus idea and anyone who hikes knows how handy a compass comes in and having it literally at your fingertips- well you can't beat that! Super super neat product, I would definitely get ths again and recommend it.