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Des conseils pour être heureux et en meilleure santé ! | même avec des petits bobos ou une maladie chronique - Maintenant que vous avez pris connaissance des bienfaits du jeûne dans mon précédent article sur le jeune thérapeutique, je vous propose de découvrir le

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  • http://www.malade-mais-heureux.com/jeune-nouvelle-therapie-cancers-maladies-chroniques/ Le Jeûne, thérapie pour soigner cancers et maladies chroniques -       On pense à tort que quand ça ne va pas il faut systématiquement gober des médicaments pour aller mieux. J’en ai d’ailleurs gobé
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  • Thoughtfox - Drink This, Sweat A Lot

    I drink this as directed about 45 mins-1 hour before Zumba. I am the kind of person who already naturally sweats A LOT during exercise, so when I got this, I wasn't expecting to sweat out toxins; I was expecting too pee a lot, that's all. But the first time I drank this and went to Zumba afterward, I found myself sweating more than I ever have. I mean, the sweat was just popping out and dripping all over me. TMI, perhaps, but this is what happens, and it's a good feeling. I drink a lot of water all day long, so I just keep this up, and I make sure to replace the water I lose with water after my workout. I am also nursing my 6 mo baby, and he has not had any side effects at all. The ingredients are all healthful, much like drinking the stuff in a smoothie with greens in it. The taste is kind of orangey but looking at something that is green but tastes like orange turns me off, so I just drink it in an opaque plastic cup, so I don't have to look at it. I don't mix it in with anything else, I just add 8 oz of water and drink it in one sitting. I would recommend if you want to rid yourself of built of toxins but I think you'd get better results if you drink it before exercise.

  • Let's Call it Steve - My Hair is Amazing!!!

    And this product is pretty cool too. This molding putty took my already gorgeous hair and turned it into a monumental masterpiece fit for mount Rushmore. I feel so classy when I use this, I have to be careful not to dress too sharp for fear of being mistaken for an Admiral-Movie Star-Aristocrat. I've already signed so many autographs, my hand is beginning to ache.

  • M Brislin - Card Set

    I received this as a gift and left it in its packaging. Great set that was bought for the year my son was born.

  • Ashley J. - Disappointing

    Season 5 has been a real disappointment so far. I love these types of shows, and Paranormal Witness was very good in past seasons, but Season 5 is just lame. Ouija boards, Mothman ... give me a break. And all episodes seem to end without resolution; the people just run away from the activity. It's as bad as Ghost Adventures, without the unintentional hilarity that makes GA worth watching when there's nothing better on. I'm disappointed that I spent money on this.

  • Larry M. - worthless

    Selecting a, "free movie" merely directs you to another site that requires you to sign up for a free trial. TV shows like NCIS which I wanted provides one episode free which requires watching 15 minutes of commercials. Any additional episodes are pay per view. Far too much hassle being directed to sites like HULU, Netflix or other pay sites to get one month free. Better to simply sign up for a pay site that actually provides content. Ads for this indicates there are thousands of shows free. Only if able to watch them in one month, after that you sign up for other services or content is no longer available. Save your 10 bucks.