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Medical Malpractice Center - Facts, Guidelines and Laws - Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States according to the Journal of American Medicine.

  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/medical-malpractice/ Medical Malpractice - Surgical Errors & Misdiagnosis - Medical malpractice is a very serious problem that can cause people to experience serious medical problems that could have been easily prevented.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/misdiagnosis/ Misdiagnosis - Cancer, Other Conditions & Medical Malpractice - Misdiagnosis occurs when a patient is deemed to have a particular condition even though that person does not actually suffer from it.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/states/ State Medical Malpractice Laws - Malpractice Center - The laws surrounding medical malpractice are enacted and regulated by the individual states in which misconduct or alleged incident of negligence occurs.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/spinal-cord-injury/ Spinal Cord Injuries - Causes, Types & Treatment - While many accidents leading to a spinal cord injury are unavoidable, all too many of them are completely preventable and are caused by negligence.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/robotic-surgery-malpractice/ Robotic Surgery Malpractice - DaVinci Robot Issues - The problems that may develop during the robotic surgery process often entail the surgeon's error.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/dental-malpractice/ Dental Medical Malpractice - Facts & Claims - Like all medical professionals, dentists and dental care providers have a high level of responsibility to treat their patients with compassion and care.
  • http://www.malpracticecenter.com/medical-device-dangers/ Defective Medical Devices - Medical Malpractice Information - When it comes to human error, the fact is that there is a multitude of dangers that can be present with medical devices of all varying levels of complexity.

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  • Fury3 - Easy to install!

    I was looking for a Mopar Cold Air Intake for my '11 Charger 5.7. The older versions weren't very impressive as far as the heat sheild. The newer airbox better isolates the filter from the engine bay to minimize heat from bleeding into the intake. The kit has very clear instructions and you need only a couple of basic sockets. The install only took me about 40 minutes and that was to take photos along the way. Fit and finish of the product are very good. Running the car with the new intake there's a definate rush of air into the manifold that gives the car a throaty sound. Gas mpg increased by 1-2 mpg and accelerations feel quicker and smoother. This isn't snake oil and I don't regret the purchase. This intake may be more expensive than some aftermarket kits but I wanted to keep things as much Mopar as possible.

  • John F. Fisher - Works like a charm

    This is a great product. It was easy to install and provides a great view of the child in the rear facing car seat. It took me about two minutes to install in and the only strange thing is that when I look in the car's rear view mirror, I keep seeing what is going on in front of the car, which was a bit unusual. It has nothing to do with the product, but if you install it, make sure it is aligned properly for best viewing.

  • Delberto! - itemized deductions for charity and property tax (just like TurboTax once did) before Intuit got greedy

    So long TurboTax. TaxAct Deluxe Federal edition let me file our 3 different W-2's, small business income, IRA data, investment income data, itemized deductions for charity and property tax (just like TurboTax once did) before Intuit got greedy. I saved last years TurboTax data as a .pdf file and TaxAct was even able to import the vast majority of data (names, addresses, SSN's etc) for me to review rather than type in (if you didn't save last years data as a .pdf file you are going to have to enter that data). Even if you cannot import from last year that is no biggie. The TaxAct software did just like it should. Walks you through the normal questions of income compiling, taxes paid, deductions etc. with little fuss or hassle and in a pretty straightforward manner. I cannot believe Intuit was so stupid to lose what was probably a pretty faithful following - but this year many people have been bamboozled into buying an Intuit product that is either out of date, or (less) than what they needed to file and always at a ridiculously high price to do normal family tax filing. I'm sure they will regroup next year when they see how many people left but it will be too late. TaxAct is priced in the sweet spot so unless they screw up like Intuit did I see no reason why I won't use them again next year (are you listening TaxAct? :-)). My state is already set up for electronic filing online - so I did not need to bother buying or upgrading to a State edition. This product is the Federal product only but very robust. TaxAct rocked this year.

  • Retired teacher Jo - Disappointed

    I've used this pretty faithfully for several months and can't see any improvement. If it is just a subtle change, it is too subtle to see. I guess it was pretty silly of me to think that a 9-volt battery could change a 61-year-old jaw line. Oh well.

  • Diana - Amazing perfume, just what I expected

    Amazing perfume, just what I expected. The fragrance lasts all day long, not like modern perfumes that stay only 10 minutes. I am very happy that I picked this one.