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  • CALLEN - Great leaf plower

    Have a very large yard lots of oak trees. Usualy takes me 6 to 7 hrs to pick up leaves. With this leaf blower 1 1/2 hrs no back problems. Better than a hand held or backpack blower.

  • Zbubolcorp - Do not use for birthday parties, unless you want to redecorate the house

    Buying Haribo Gummi Bears Sugar Free was a s***ty decision. And I do mean it literally, as in, a decision that ended up producing a quantity of excrements larger than the Black Sea.

  • Byron Curry - The most durable messenger bag, ever!

    I purchased this bag not having ever heard of the company timbuk2 and I was kind of leary just because I carry a lot of stuff in my messenger bags; books upon books, pens, multiple cell phones, chargers, a tablet, papers and occasionally water bottles. I've gone through many messenger bags and this is he finest one I've purchased and possibly the last!

  • Chase - Horrible!

    I ordered this product as they were offering a free 32 ounce size for free so i decided to give it a try.I had tried several other hair loss concealers before with success and always stuck with one brand but decided to give this one a try as they claimed it also has tremendous holding durability and also looks natural.I had gone to the shore area with a friend where there is a popular hotel with an outside bar where i had been before and always had used hair concealer on my hair with no problem.I sprinkled this on my hair prior to leaving my home checked in the mirror made sure my slightly balding spot in my crown was fully covered then sprayed my hair with a good hairspray to seal as i always do.We spent about four hours at our destination and wondered why some people were giving me strange looks i turned around at some point and even caught someone pointing at me and laughing with her friend! i went to the restroom when i came back to the area were my friend was sitting he said,i don't want to make you feel uncomfortable but you have two big spots on the back of your head that look hollow i was horrified! it was coming out of my hair! i asked him did he notice this earlier? he said no but then again the back of my head was not facing him the whole time so i cannot say exactly when it started coming off now he knew that i used hair loss concealer before and never experienced this problem as a Toppik user for many years and believe me i am not here to advertise for Toppik it is just what i used the most even other products i used i never ever had this problem before NEVER! even on a windy day or a hot day! i told him we must leave as i was so embarrassed and thank god i did not know anyone there that day or i would have been mortified! I will never use this product again i don't care what anyone else says about this product on here it does not stay on very well try something else this is crap!

  • Frank - Perfect gift

    My wife surprised me by purchasing this for me as a gift. It totally changed the look of my Jeep! I love it! It took a little over 15 minutes to remove the old grill and install this one. It even came with a rubber weather seal that glues to the top of it. Lots of compliments so far. Great quality with a great look.