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  • NMKITTY - Not For Me

    I have used other lash growth products and seen pretty good results, but Bang eyelash growth serum sounded liked it combined the best of all the eyelash growth ingredients. Used it faithfully for just over 4 weeks, and unfortunately it did nothing for my lashes. It did STING my eyes like crazy each and every time I applied it, but the stinging faded after 60 seconds if I blotted the corners of my eyes with a tissue. I tried the hint in one of the comments about fanning my eye until the product dried, but that didn't work either. Seriously, the stinging was so bad, I had to wait a minute to apply it to eye#2 because I could not SEE out of the eye I just applied the product to. It didn't seem to cause any redness or long-lasting discomfort to my eyes, and I had an ophthalmologist's appointment 1 week after I began using the product and she didn't ask my what awful thing I had been doing to my eyes, so I soldiered on, hoping it would work....but no, I'm done.

  • Genell Jordan - Family favorite, guilt & chemical free, fool your friends!

    We've been using this brand of of potato flakes for years. Product is exactly as described. If you don't tell people you're using "instant", no one would guess from the look or taste. Tasty, genuine, potatoes through and through. The -only- valid reasons, IMO, for not buying this product is if you want chunky smashed potatoes instead of smooth finely mashed, or you must have peel-on potatoes.

  • G. Hayden - I have used this software for 15 years, and it has gotten steadily gotten worse, I Hate this product and want different product

    I used to like how quicken was fairly easy to use. Not anymore. they are upgrading features without working the bugs out of the software to make sure everything works correctly! I upgraded from quicken 2010 rental property manager to 2013 rental property manager. memorized transactions do not work and I lost data. Of course when you need help you have to search for a phone number, that once you call you wait in que for a long time, only to be directed to India and trying to understand a foreign dialect, who is not even a level 1 trainee. Broken promises for returned calls, lack of knowledge, NO USA SUPPORT. NO RETURN CALLS, I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 INCIDENT NUMBERS AND WAS WAITING FOR A RETURN CALL TODAY FROM SUPPORT THAT OF COURSE NEVER CAME. I am looking for another software vendor, Intuit has really gone downhill

  • G.S. - Wrong place for these types of reviews

    I must admit I am disappointed in some of my peers. Banter, jokes, harsh words, etc all have a place in aviation, but where they belong is in the Ready Room. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing the look on someones face when they get called out publicly, and then try to justify themselves.....the rest of the enjoyment usually results in callsigns which others can rellish in as well. What is not desirable is publicly berating someone most of you do not even know. Sure it's fun to show others your comment and prove how much better you are (think you are is more accurate) than the author, but really.....in a real Ready Room, this attack behind someone's back would be considered pussy. Send an email, professionally council this SNA, make fun to his face, but talking s*** about a book that might help others, and one you haven't even read, shows a real lack of class and professionalism. Yuck it up now, and comment about me all you want as well, but this s*** is the wrong forum. Btw, I know and have flown with the author. The intent behind this book is not necessarily the title. GFY!

  • Amazon Customer - This is a really great tool! I've used many other mapping programs

    This is a really great tool! I've used many other mapping programs. This is the very best one I have ever used. It's quick. It's easy. It's well worth the cost. Free doesn't make a map good. Thank you, DeLorme!

  • Mark Karber - Good read but...

    I enjoyed reading this book. As someone who was related to a person that was charged with a crime they didn't commit, I could relate well to Darren. All of the the characters had some depth and I liked the 1st person prose. Although I gave it 4 stars because I enjoyed it very much, it read a little bit like a Hollywood movie script instead of something that would truly happen. Parts of it were somewhat realistic yes. And I know how these southern DA's and so forth are, but it was a little fantastical and over the top at various times. And there some coincidences that seemed like they were written in to fit the story. I found myself rolling my eyes several times. Like really? Sure, like that would really happen. Not. But it did keep the story moving along on it's glide path. Finally, it was a little formulaic and in the end all the little loose ends perfectly came together so that everyone leaves the theater (or book) happy. I can recommend it....but beware of what you are going to be getting.

  • Terri47 - Totally Satisfied

    I ordered the Milady Standard Cosmetology text book for studying to become an Instructor. It was exactly what I wanted and needed for my Instructor class. The school wanted twice as much for the same book I bought here. A plus was I received it much faster than I expected. From a very happy customer, Keep up the good work and I'll keep shopping with you.