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Metro Crisis Services: 24/7 for all of Metro Denver - Emergency mental health, suicide, and substance abuse (alcohol and other drug) treatment services for the Denver Metro area--Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. Call us now at 888-885-1222. We’re here to help.

  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/find-services RMCP Resource Directory - Note: The following is a not a reflection of the organizations full activity, and is specific to activity and data on the Colorado Crisis Line, Support Line, and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/about-mcs/what-we-do What We Do - We operate two main services, with the ambitious goal of adding a third service in 2012-2013:
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/who-we-are Who We Are - Metro Denver is big—2.7 million people. Like most communities in the United States, there are many people in our Metro area who are living in pain and fear...people who could benefit from mental health or substance abuse help, but just can’t find it.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/what-we-do/liveconnect RMCP | LiveConnect Services - Metro Crisis Line provides free services to the public. There is never a fee of any kind when people call us toll-free at 888-885-1222.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/what-we-do/text-terms-and-conditions Text Terms and Conditions - Please read the following Terms and Conditions to use CHAT. Once you have read through, click the acceptance button at the bottom of the page. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you may speak to a counselor on the phone at 844-493-8255.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/what-we-do/ccsdashboard Colorado Crisis Services | Activity Dashboard - Updated daily, Colorado Crisis Services serves its community through a Crisis Line and Support Line, answering calls 24/7, for free, for anyone experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, or are looking to access additional resources and Colorado Crisis Services walk-in and mobile services. The activity is a reflection of call activity for the Colorado Crisis Line, Support Line, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/what-we-do/chat MCS Chat Help Line - During Metro Crisis Line's first ten months of 24-hour, seven-day-a-week operations, there were 4,422 crisis calls. Every one of them was serious; most involved some history of physical or emotional trauma. Every crisis call that we get represents a person who has run out of other options, who doesn't know what to do next. Our clinicians do their best to handle every call with the respect, professionalism, and compassion that each caller deserves.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/6-about-rmcp/helpfullinks Helpful Links - Here are three key policies that affect users of our website and users of the Crisis Line.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved Get Involved - You can make a difference. We rely on donations from people like you to keep Metro Crisis Services operating.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved/donate2 Donate to RMCP - Metro Crisis Line is a vital community service, which we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.We're saving lives, and every day we're helping families and individuals make it through tough times.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved/volunteer Volunteer - As you might imagine, in an innovative community-supported project like this there are always many things to do...and not quite enough people to get it all done.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved/support-shop-20151203150914 Colorado Gives Day - December 6 - Help support Colorado's professional crisis center; be a part of Colorado's top fund-raising event of the year.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved/subscribe-to-newsletter Subscribe to Our RMCP Newsletter - Would you like to stay in touch with what's happening at Metro Crisis Services? It's easy. Sign up here to join our email newsletter mailing list.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/get-involved/payment Payment Form - Fill in your payment information below and hit 'Continue', you'll be guided to the secure credit card information page.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/jobs-at-mcs Jobs At MCS - We appreciate your interest in employment with MCS. Please study our website and the position decriptions that you'll find here. If it looks like a good fit to you, we'd be honored to review your resume or CV. 
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/jobs-at-mcs/crisis-clinician-ongoing-interest Crisis Clinician - FT, PT, OVERNIGHT - We are always interested in learning about potential candidates. Positions are part-time. We welcome people who are employed elsewhere to consider part-time employment with Metro Crisis Services.
  • http://www.metrocrisisservices.org/contact-us Contact Us - If you need to talk about a mental health or substance abuse crisis, please contact us by phone:  888-885-1222.

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