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  • Rebel Brown - Worth it, but there are some extra expenses.

    Got this for my 4yr old nephew. Wanted him to have something that was tough enough to stand up to him and was only his so he wouldn't have to give up the iPad anymore when someone needed to use it. I honestly haven't gotten a chance to even sit down and check out the apps on this thing because he has been playing with it that much. So he seems to love it. One caveat though. There is definitely extra costs to this thing. Since the Leapfrog app store is totally proprietary you are paying serious prices for those apps, when you first activate the device you get a one day only coupon for 30% off, bought a bundle of 10 apps for $50-ish dollars and so far that's keeping the nephew occupied, but I'm sure that at some point he will want more apps and apps cost between $7 and $25. So they are way more expensive than on the app store or Google play store. I suppose you could get the same effect on any tablet if you really configured the parental controls and carefully chose the apps, but you are paying a premium to be 100% assured that everything on here is kid friendly.

  • Rell - Best hip-hop album of 2014

    Best hip-hop album of 2014. I didn't think I could love any other album than Born Sinner, welp, Mr Cole put out another great album.

  • Candygirl - Works wonders

    Great for stubborn hair. Wish they would make it in a more quantitative amount. It seems that it is all gone too soon.

  • Global Traveler - More than just salsa

    Very good price. Very good salsa. I don't actually use this salsa as a "dip", I add it to cooked food or even cook with it. Its a good form of vegetables without extra sugar like spagehetti and pasta sauces have. I place raw chicken (unseasoned) in a casserold dish and then pour this salsa on top and put it on power level 8 in the microwave for about 30 minutes and I have dinner! The salsa (peppers/tomato/onions) automatically seasons the chicken as it cooks, and you end up with some sauce/cooked salsa on the side. Sometimes, I add some mayo to the salsa to make it even better tasting. Regardless, this stuff is vesatile and very low calories AND you're getting your veggies too :D

  • A. Davis - Use a mask!

    We used this but didn't notice any change. Also, be careful breathing the stuff in. I was spreading it into the carpets and some dust went up my nose and I was in pain for hours. If you decide to get this, wear a mask!

  • AndyB - Rip off

    I bought this 12 months ago. Today when I started my PC I got a message that said there was some kind of error and directed me to a Microsoft site to repair. Yes it was a genuine MS site and not bogus. I was required to run a "Fix It" program, and the supporting text said that the "fix it" would un-install the software and then I could re-install it. And yes indeed the "fix it" did un-install - but when it came to re-install the programme said that I did not have a valid licence. So basically I now have to buy it again if I want it. What a set of bandits! Buy it and then 12 months later you have to buy it again!!!

  • Amazon Customer - As soon as I took the smart watch out of the box I could not wait

    As soon as I took the smart watch out of the box I could not wait. As soon as I put it on the charger I started to go through all of the functions a little later on I synced my phone up and started to discover what everything did. When the watch was fully charged I put it on and it did everything that it was supposed to do.