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Mission Haiti Medical | Anderson, IN - Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a healthcare alliance with the people of Haiti.

  • http://www.missionhaitimedical.org/about/ About - Mission Haiti Medical - Founded in 1998, MHM was formed to organize and promote ministry involvement from the Midwest in the US. While we work primarily in healthcare through medical clinics around the country, Mission Haiti Medical also oversees the operation of an outpatient clinic in Saintard, Haiti
  • http://www.missionhaitimedical.org/english/ English - Mission Haiti Medical - English translated version of the news, information, staff bios, and more from the outpatient clinic in Saintard, Haiti.
  • http://www.missionhaitimedical.org/kreyol/ Kreyòl - Mission Haiti Medical - Kreyòl tradui vèsyon an nouvèl la, enfòmasyon, anplwaye byografi, ak plis ankò nan klinik la pou pasyan ekstèn nan Saintard, Ayiti. Creole translated page
  • http://www.missionhaitimedical.org/news/ News - Mission Haiti Medical - Stay up to date on the latest news from our outpatient clinic and the surrounding community in Saintard, Haiti.

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