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  • Victor M. Ricker III - Not For Us

    I really wanted to like this mattress. While waiting for mine to arrive, I read all the reviews and anticipated receiving a mattress that would be the answer to our problems. Our current mattress is memory foam and is both too soft and too difficult for me to get out of. My wife loves it for the relief on her pressure points, but it sleeps hot for her. The comfort level is not a problem. Once in the bed, we both sleep well. So when our Purple mattress finally arrived, we set it up and anticipated a night of similar comfort with none of the problems of memory foam. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The mattress seemed cold and too firm. It also had a lumpy, uneven texture from the cells that are in the top layer. I had no problems getting in and out of it, however. My wife complained that the jelly-like feel of it made her slightly carsick. Night number one was not a success. Night number two was better for me, the bed didn't feel quite so cold. My wife showed me her FitBit read out for sleep. She was awake or restless 46 times. Same thing for night three.And night four. On night five, we were up almost every hour and a half. Every time one of us moves, it jiggles the mattress and wakens the other. We quit after that and are deciding what to do with the mattress. It does sleep cool, but it is way too firm for my wife's arthritic joints and she is still having that slightly carsick feel. I realize that some people might think we gave up too soon, but when you start dreading going to bed, it's not a good thing. When we returned to our old memory foam mattress, it was like being hugged by an old friend. I guess I can get used to having trouble getting out of bed. I will say that the Purple mattress is very well constructed and for some people, obviously, it is the answer to their problems. I truly wish that had been the case for us.

  • Michelle - I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days ...

    I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days you can see the difference . I agree with a lot of the customers you have to be careful and keep I away from the lower neck area where the thyroid is located. The videos on u tube are very helpful , the only thing I do not like is the metallic taste I have in my mouth all of the time. Also my muscles do get tight and sometimes affects the neck and jaw muscles but it goes away after awhile. Its the metallic taste that doesn't go away I guess that's something you just have to get used to. The results are great.

  • Joshua Brown - An Indispensable guide to the markets, an annual ritual for serious investors

    Every year I get my copy of the Stock Traders Almanac and I spend the first few weeks combing through it to remind myself of the indefatigable cycles and seasonality of calendar.

  • Sandra Burleson - Product did not work. Total Failure!

    Purchased this product about 6 weeks ago and my laptop got a virus and died! Very upset and not pleased at all. Why even have it. IT GETS O STARS FROM ME! Looking at greater expense now because I depended on it to prevent this.

  • Angela Moore - Very sad

    Not happy really thinking of returning this. Every time I use it the battery needs recharging. It's not as strong as I thought :(

  • Bklyn Gal - Expensive jump-start to a crash diet!

    I am always suspicious of organizations that have zombie like members with monthly subscription orders. But they promised weight loss, chocolate and snacks!!!