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  • HunnyBunchzOfOatz - Works Great So Far!

    I recently have been searching for products that help reduce and/or eliminate ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I saw a few product reviews for this product and decided to try out a small bottle of it. I'm glad I did! As soon as I used this, I noticed a significant difference in redness and overall irritation after no more than a couple of minutes. It says on the Tend Skin website to use the product twice daily until the area is cleared up, then daily (I think it says it should take about two days to clear up on average, but I could be wrong). I've been using it twice a day for about 3 days now on my bikini line and other very sensitive places (which I've always gotten horrible ingrown hairs and razor bumps when I shave) and it's about completely cleared up, and with anything else I've tried, nothing helped. I will definitely be buying this product again, probably in a bigger bottle. You are supposed to keep using the product every day if you want it to keep working, but I don't have to use much of it at a time, so even this small bottle should last me a good amount of time. Definitely worth the money to have skin free of ingrown hairs if you're going to shave sensitive places and are prone to getting them, in my opinion.

  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT PURCHASE...zero customer service.

    Please do not purchase this product. My son's LeapPad Ultra will not turn on. I called "customer service" to troubleshoot and was told that the product was out of warranty but that I could receive a 25% discount on a new LeapFrog product. Really? No attempt whatsoever to solve the problem. I asked again if I could get some assistance with fixing the problem with my LeapPad. The representative put me on hold, returned to the line after a couple minutes and told me that after discussion with his supervisor, he could now offer me a 50% discount on a new product. I just want to fix the product I have. I don't want to buy a new product. And if they can't fix the product, just tell me that it isn't fixable. This is severely disappointing given the fact that I have, on multiple occasions, purchased several overly expensive apps. And yet when I call with an issue, LeapFrog didn't even give me the option to try to fix or give me tips on troubleshooting.

  • Ann Gould - Amazing ! Wonderful and helpful !!!

    Having been a long time fan of Suzanne White, since reading her first book on Chinese Astrology back in the 90s, it was with great joy I spent this past week reading her new book, 2016, Year of the Fire Monkey...

  • Kaimonkey - Fastest Boot drive, in the west!

    For a vast majority of people, 60gb is a very small drive. If this was a regular harddrive, well you're kind of screwed for just about anything, however since it is an SSD, one can use this product very easily for the regulated duty of a boot drive. A boot drive quite simply is a smallish ssd that you put just your operating system as well as a few tidbits of software that you use on a regular basis. On my desktop that I have this ssd installed, I have Windows 10 installed, as well as Chrome, and spotify, as well as a few technical software for my computer such as Radeon Settings and MSI afterburner for my graphics card.

  • Amazon Customer - My least favorite, Methyl Paraben

    Bought this at Publix impulsively because I read "Tea Tree Oil" and stupidly did not read the ingredients. Apparently they claim that it contains "natural ingredients", but jokes on us because at the very bottom of the long list of what it contains is what immediately makes me pitch products...PARABENS! My least favorite, Methyl Paraben. These are all chemically made and are the farthest from "natural." Please do not use this product and do some research on the negative effects of parabens, such as Methyl. Now I am on the hunt for actual natural Tea Tree

  • Colonel Panic - Good Remastering of a Great Album.

    I agree with caliboy's review—this probably is as good as it is going to get......and it's pretty darn good. I wore out two vinyl copies of this album as a teenager. I have the 1970 copyright "white booklet" 2-CD recording, and while it is better than not having a recording, its SQ does not hold a candle to this re-mastering. The booklet in this edition is printed with the brown cover and internal gold tones. Except for the introductory note from ALW, it is identical to the white booklet edition and shows the same copyrights. ALW has done a fine job at bringing the quality forward in time, while preserving the original artistry.