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  • C. Crockett - Recipe almost KILLED me

    I borrowed this book from a friend. Read it thoroughly. Some of the information is valid (vitamins to take, foods to eat or avoid). Other opinions are old world wive's tales i,e., menstruation is not natural. OK, I can ignore the stupid stuff (although there shouldn't be stupid stuff in a book for Black people who already suffer as medical guinea pigs). What I found and EXPERIENCED as very dangerous is one recipe in particular - on page 72 (of the revised and expanded 7th edition) under the heading "Anthelmentic Enemas (gets rid of worms)." It calls for 1-2 CUPS of salt mixed with lemon or lime juice (no amt given), with warm water (no amt given). I used 1 cup of salt with a 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a hot water bottle of warm water. I administered the enema and within 15 minutes my body went into shock. Severe pain in legs and feet, lower back and stomach with vomiting and bleeding from the rectum. I drove myself to the emergency room. I was immediately admitted. A colonoscoopy revealed that the salt and lemon juice mixture had caused perforations in my colon! Had the perforations penetrated the outer wall of my colon I could have died from peritonitis (they told me). Here I am in the hospital 3 days later and the bleeding is still an issue. I am on a bland diet awaiting a follow-up colonoscopy (in 30 days) to see if the damage has healed or left scarring. My "new" gasteroenterologist said, "Throw that @#%*@*! book away!" I will give it back to the party who loaned it to me with red X's across the enema recipes whether they like it or not. This book has BAD INFORMATION. And in my opinion, if you only crash your car once a month, you still aren't considered a good driver on the other 29 days!

  • Ryan - Excellent Product, Excellent Company

    The Stubby antenna worked great but I still needed a smaller version to fit into our garage. I contacted Cravenspeed and within a few days I had the Stubby Jr. This antenna works as well as the OEM on our Acadia and doesn't hit the roof of our garage.

  • Ashley - Packaging better than Urban Decay

    I started out using Urban Decay's shadow primer, but got annoyed with how much product was left in the bottle when the wand came out dry. I switched to this, Too Faced, version and haven't looked back. The squeeze tube lets you get every last drop out and the performance is equal to Urban Decay's primer.

  • L. Maupin - Helpful but not the Be all and End all

    These days to compete you need all of the tools you can get This book will prepare you in that it gives you actual questions, and answers, online help and a cd with practice tests and questions. It helps you in that it gives you and idea of where you need more help but you will need more. The book is not the end all in getting a high score, but it is helpful and worth the money in my opinion

  • Westy - Goal zero guide 10 plus kit vs Instapark 10w solar 5200mah combo

    I am writing this review because I didn't have adequate info when choosing between these products and consequently purchased both.

  • Christopher A. Jones - Not as bad as I thought it would be

    Real luthiers use powdered hide glue. This is not really anything like that. I do like the fact that you don't have to heat it, you can break the bond fairly easily (it 'cracks' nicely), and it has a long drying time. This is great for minor DIY guitar repairs, and although it's a little messy it is fairly easy to remove and doesn't stain.

  • Gabriella Ekubayohannes - it looked like a toy soo clumsy

    I had to return it the moment i saw it ...it looked like a toy soo clumsy. ...i wanted somthing syurdy guess i chose the wrong item ...I think its perfect gift for kids ......