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Columbus, Ohio Hospitals | Hospitals in Ohio | Mount Carmel Health - Discover how Mount Carmel’s four Ohio hospitals are improving the health of our communities. With advanced technology and an array of facilities, our hospitals in Ohio serve more than 500,000 patients each year.

  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/myhealth myHealth - My Mount Carmel Welcome My Mount Carmel is your link to online healthcare at Mount Carmel.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/physiciandirectory Ohio Physicians | Doctors in Columbus, Ohio | Mount Carmel Health - Search our directory of Ohio physicians to find a doctor in your area. With primary care physicians and specialists, finding the right doctor in Columbus, Ohio is simple.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mount-carmel-east-hospital Mount Carmel East | Hospital | Emergency Room | Columbus, Ohio - With the busiest adult emergency room in greater Columbus, Mount Carmel East is growing right along with the east side communities the hospital serves.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mount-carmel-west-hospital Mount Carmel West | Hospital | Emergency Room | ER | Columbus Ohio - Located near downtown Columbus, Mount Carmel West features a trauma II emergency room, a stroke center, bariatric surgery and many other inpatient and outpatient services.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mount-carmel-st-anns-hospital-westerville Mount Carmel St Ann's | Hospital in Westerville | Emergency Room - Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville has always been the sole, full-service inpatient hospital in northeast central Ohio. This hospital features a full-service ER, primary care and more.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mount-carmel-new-albany-surgical-hospital Mount Carmel New Albany | Hospital | New Albany | Orthopedics - Mount Carmel New Albany is a specialty hospital focused on inpatient and outpatient orthopedic, neurologic and musculoskeletal care.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/dileyridgemedicalcenter Diley Ridge Medical Center | ER | Emergency Room | Canal Winchester - Diley Ridge Medical Center offers family health Diley Ridge Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical complex that includes an emergency room (ER), inpatient and diagnostic services as well as an attached medical office building.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mcfitnesshealth MC Fitness & Health | Emergency Room | ER | Gym | Lewis Center - MC Fitness & Health in Lewis Center features an emergency room (ER), primary and specialty care physicians, imaging and a fully-stocked fitness center.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/mount-carmel-grove-city-emergency-department Mount Carmel Grove City | Emergency Room | ER | Womens Health - Mount Carmel Grove City features an emergency room (er), imaging, womens health, primary and specialty care physicians and physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/ourlocations View All Locations - Mount Carmel’s Ohio healthcare facilities offer world-class care just minutes from home. Find our central Ohio hospitals in your area at MountCarmelHealth.com.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/cancercare Cancer Care in Columbus Ohio | Mount Carmel Health - When faced with a cancer diagnosis, one of the most important decisions you and your loved ones must make is who to trust for care. Trust Mount Carmel Health.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/heartandvascular Cardiologists Columbus Ohio | Comprehensive Heart and Vascular Care | Mount Carmel - Mount Carmel's Heart & Vascular Care is a dedicated team of cardiologists, nurses and clinicians committed to delivering excellent heart care to Columbus, Ohio.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/maternity-programs Maternity Services | Maternity Programs | Mount Carmel Health - Mount Carmel’s Little Miracles Maternity Program provides all of the maternity services, care and special extras a mother could want and her baby could need.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/neuroscience Neurology Centers & Services | Neuroscience Centers | Mount Carmel Health - Mount Carmel’s neurology centers are national leaders in neurological services. By offering experience, compassion and technology, our neuroscience centers offer the finest patient care.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/orthopedic-surgery-center Orthopedic Surgery Center | Orthopedic Services | Mount Carmel Health - With a world-class orthopedic surgery center & comprehensive orthopedic services, Mount Carmel offers personalized care for a range of musculoskeletal issues.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/allservices View All Services - Mount Carmel Health in Columbus, Ohio, has a wide array of programs and services including cancer care, bariatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, and more.
  • http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/patient-education Patient Education | Health Brochures | Mount Carmel Health - The more we know, the better decisions we make. And when it comes to healthcare, every decision is important. That’s why Mount Carmel makes a host of educational brochures, booklets and videos available online

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  • Grammiesgirls2 - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    I bought this book to keep in the office as a reference for people who use Excel (which includes most of us). I also purchased the 'cheat sheet'. Both items are excellent and informative. Thank you!

  • Marvin L. Wiley - Reccomend

    I use this product along with two other appetite suppressants. I first drink about 10 oz. of my homemade mixture of vegetables/fruit and oatmeal (raw) mixed in. I ad cinnamon or agave for taste or well blended fresh ginger root. You must blend the ginger root thoroughly by itself to ensure that the fibrous quality is not to lumpy. Even then It gives me a little crunch to the bite and I like the stimulation, tingly effect of the root bits when I chew them. I get through an entire day without any hunger pangs.

  • Eric V. - What a Joke!!!

    Purchased this and can't even get it to install. When I call the number on the ACTUAL BOX it gave me some "Bahamas Vacation" spam then hung up. Then I called the support line on the website. It told me to use the "help" option on the menu... LOL When I called the technical number, it told me to enter my EIN... LOL I can't install it, how are you going to track my account?!? What a joke... taking it back... Everything is so "EASY" on the cover and the website. Pffff

  • Mary Christman - My cat has been poisoned

    My outdoor cat started walking backwards moment we put it on him. Thought it was just new feeling for him. Each day something odder happened. Wondering aimlessly, in circles, meowing non-stop, etc. attributed that to another outdoor cat gone missing and he was missing her. Then he started falling over, falling off the table, etc. This is when I determined he was blind. Took the collar off immediately, washed him with Dawn soap as instructed through Google search. He has not gotten better yet :( This is day two after collar removed. Today he is acting as though his central nervous system is shutting down. His breathing is pretty good though. I'm watching pretty closely because I am hoping like other reviews that he will get better. I AM FEELING VERY GUILTY OF POISONING MY BABY 😢 Will be on phone with Bayer first thing Monday morning.

  • Frank - Too much oopla for nothing... Previous versions worked just fine.

    Previous versions appear to be more user friendly. Definately not nice the way it changed the aspects of Excel, even Windows 7 is complaining.