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  • Anna - Poorly made, not for sensitive skin

    The tip of the applicator fell off after only 2-3 uses. I was able to shove the tip back in (although I'm sure it will fall out again,) but unfortunately this irritates my skin and leaves blotchy red marks under and around my eyebrows.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work for me, and I did everything right

    Not being bitter, but I want to share my experience to warn others. I am a fit young woman who smokes every day (about three-to-four bowl packs; sometimes a blunt or two with a friend [once a week]). I also exercise regularly and drink a lot of water. I abstained from smoking for nearly five days before my drug test, then drank the Qcarbo and water (following the instructing to the T). I still failed the test! I was surprised.

  • Dubs - Fabulous Flosser!

    After having used this Flosser for 4 days I can honestly say that my mouth feels cleaner and my teeth feel great. My gums are no longer sore from traditional floss. I love this Flosser and I'm so happy I bought it!

  • Janie HS - Dry reading

    How can travel writing be so dry and dull? There was none of the joy of discovery or adventure I expected.

  • Amelia castelli - scam, beware

    after spending hours listening to the cd & completing the survey, I am suppose to get a refund of $327 back. never got it.... rid off......

  • Deborra J Russell - Evelyn

    Confusion is the word which comes to mind with each new chapter. The pages, though easily read, at times felt like I had already read them.

  • P. Gordon - Does what it says and more!

    The title of this book is deceiving and sells the book short. It is filled with valuable information for not only avoiding HUGE ships but medium and even smalls ones as well (granted the techniques don't work 100% of the time on very small craft like canoes and kayaks). I would even go as far as saying it will help you avoid ships of all sizes in all aspects of your life. Before reading this book I would find myself running into huge ships 3 or 4 times a day. (There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to urinate only to find yourself colliding with a huge ship.) After reading it I am virtually collision free. It has been 3 weeks since my last ship collision and to be quite honest that one was my fault as I was slightly intoxicated.