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    So I finally decided to give another program a try since Jillian Michaels hadn't come out with a program after her Body Revolution. Oh wait...she did! And it was 3 days after I bought this!!! Lol. Figures. The only other program I had done was Jillians and I got amazing results. Followed her whole program including food. I was use to Jillian's DVDs - front muscles on Monday, back muscles on Tuesday, Cardio on Wed, front muscles Thurs, back muscles Friday and Cardio Sat schedule. That way your muscles have time to recover until used again. I bought T25 to give something else a try and wanted to share my thoughts. I only have the two to compare. I think it is a program that will work, especially with your abs. However, I find that the exercises are pretty repetitive from different DVD to DVD - Body Circuit, Speed 1.0, etc.. Get ready for A LOT of squats, high knees and lunges. It will be tough on your hips, low back quads (especially the "lower body" DVD). There are no hand weights for the Alpha phase (not sure about gamma), where Jillian uses them throughout with a resistance band at times. You will not get rest between sets and the DVDS are very fast moving.....means that if you like to drink water during the workout, like I do, it will be tough. And I mean even just a quick sip is nearly impossible, but I guess that is the point. With Jillians you transition nicely and have time between each one for a quick drink. The kicker....I was given a Garmin watch for Christmas and I bought the heart rate monitor to use for running and workouts. I tried both cardio, the one from T25 and the one from Jillians - month 2 cardio DVD. T-25 is 25 minutes, Jillians is 30 minutes. I tested both and got a very close heart rate average and calorie burn even though Jillians is much better paced and completely doable!! I was surprised. My concern is that T-25 isn't building a foundation of toning muscles all over where Jillians will. T-25 seems more of a cardio fast burn, but I think it will beat out Jillians as far as building ab muscles. I have never had my ab muscles hurt from a workout until now! At any rate, I will finish the T-25 program and then buy Jillian's Bodyshred program down the road. Hope this helped someone.....

  • doubleM - WOW!

    This mouth wash keeps my breath fresh all day long, even if I eat pungent foods throughout the day! My results, with other mouth washes, have been extremely temporary...this stuff is magic and it tastes good! The bottle lasts for a while, I only use the recommended capful and I don't need to rinse everyday