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MS Nurses Australia Inc, Multiple Sclerosis Nursing support and networking - MSNA Inc has been providing support for MS Nurses throughout Australasia for over 10 years. The association also promotes professional networks between Nurses and other Qualified Health Professionals who share an interest in Multiple Sclerosis.

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City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • Alfred Muller - Surpassed my expectations

    Excellent Camera so far , it far outdid my expectations based on the price. I have 2 Go-Pro Black editions and i got this mainly to make myself feel better about spending so much on the gopro cameras by proving it was inferior, but actually it seems to be keeping up pretty well as it has nearly all of the features i use on the go pro.

  • Optimizer59 - Effective at removing junk where toothbrush and floss fail

    My dentist recently recommended trying an oral irrigator to help with plaque removal. I’ll admit I was rather skeptical at first, because I brush and floss religiously, and what else could an oral irrigator really do for me? My dentist told me it could help delay some low-grade gum recession, but that it’d also help get extra junk out from between my teeth. I suppose a $40 oral irrigator is less than periodontic surgery (or other unpleasant dental adventures), so I gave the SmarToiletries Cordless Professional Oral Irrigator a try.

  • Barry Truong - Ultra Cleanse

    I took this for 3 months and it worked! I will definitely take it again, because I believe there is no better product out there.

  • Mark A. Manley - Top Flite Men's XL 2012 Golf Set

    The set was received quickly, in excellent condition and exactly as advertised. Have had the clubs out for about five rounds now and execept for some operator error they have performed great. This set for the money cannot be beat for the casual or beginner golfer.

  • Matt Eye - Uses lots of disk space with outstanding performance and stability

    Great program for if you do a lot of photo editing or have many files open, but only if you have hordes of disk space and at least 8 GB of RAM. You need half a gigabyte of video memory, and all the better with discrete graphics for the 3D features to work properly, or even supported. The caveat is that the 2014 release of this program uses hard drive space (dozens of gigabytes worth) instead of all your RAM, if using a Solid State Drive. It makes the new version work at very high-speed, which is substantial compared to the 2013 CC release. Various plug-ins and performance problems also seem corrected. I had various problems with the program crashing or freezing after a few hundred layers in CC, but the new 2014 version does not do that, and works very fast, but then a message warned me that the hard drive is out of space. I had roughly 52 GB that plummeted to zero. I ended up closing Photoshop without saving changes, and the OS restored 1 GB of space every few seconds. Maybe this new release behaves differently with Solid State Drive technology, but am unable to prove it. May be an unusual configuration thing with my late 2007 Mac Pro, which probably was not natively capable of Solid State Drive support. It only works because of the standard pin connectors. It is not even properly seated in my tower, but is secure enough the drive won't slip out onto the logic board. Enough said. Photoshop works very well, as said, but this latest release on Mac has dropped the 32-bit plug-ins, meaning Variations (for example) no longer works because it is not supported in x64 mode. I prefer the 2014 release over the original CC version, as long as the drive is of very large size. This behavior does not happen on my PC, but that is a conventional platter drive that obviously runs very slowly in comparison. Recommended? Yes. Very few complaints. Just four stars if you have a small drive, especially one with under 100 GB of free space. This may not even happen to you though. It might be an unusual auto-configuration thing my Mac decided to allocate drive space as if it were RAM, and my theory is because the drive's read/write speed is comparable to the DDR2 667 MHz modules in it. It saves files about the same speed, but renders data very quickly. Do not know about the 3D features (my Mac Pro is too old to support it), but on the PC, the 3D features are a bit sluggish like the CC version. That said, it might be the drive access thing. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.