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  • Celina - Best results when you have it on an empty stomach

    It works! Didn't believe in them at first, but in 3 days it Increased my milk supply by about 30% overall. Do need to keep taking them though or your supply drops back in just 48hrs if you don't. Best results when you have it on an empty stomach. I found it easier to have them iright before bed, middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. That way I think it absorbs the best with no food and water in your stomach. during the day nursing moms need to drink so much water that the effect isn't as strong if you take them with large amounts of water. That has been my experience!

  • Amber - Great Soft Makeup Brush Set

    I purchased this Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set as a gift to myself. I needed to replace all my current brushes. These brushes came pretty quickly with no damage to them. The brushes were individually wrapped to prevent the bristles from being damage. The brushes were extremely soft compared to some of the other make-up brushes I had. They did have a small smell to them but after a wash, the smell went away. I also liked how the company sent with the product a diagram of what each brush is used for. I would defiantly purchase these brushes again and any other product from this company.

  • Jesus Lover - Disappointment

    My husband bought this for our daughter, so he could read them to her. He remembered an Aesop's Fables book he had as a child with 50-100 stories in it. So he enthusiastically bought this book, and was disappointed to discover it only has 20 stories. He didn't feel he got his money's worth.

  • Emily Beaty - Description doesn't mention the material

    It's a good sweatshirt, but the material is itchy. It is very lightweight and fits well though, and it looks exactly like in the picture.

  • G. D'Attilio - Does What I Says

    Other than wiping off the disgusting tangles of hair, it works perfectly. I didn't experience any redness that others have.

  • Joe Pitts - I think I have a defective unit. I was ...

    I think I have a defective unit. I was unable to get it to work. I took it to a couple of friends that have one and they were unable to get to work. The start page doesn't get clear and has a cloudy haze over it. Please advise.

  • Laura┬áThurston - Great product

    Couldn't live without this. I mean, I could, but life is just so much better when you don't feel constipated and bloated all the time. In my opinion, this one works better than the much pricier Sculpt-n-Clease. Great value and excellent product.