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  • Sandy - Beware of this collar poisoning your pets.

    I put this collar on our cat 3 weeks ago. He started acting very strange after the three weeks time. He kept rolling around the floor rubbing his head and acting very peculiar. He wouldn't eat, drink or go potty. His eyes became very dilated and wouldn't go down. He flopped around the floor the entire night, but not moving from the one spot. I took the Seresto collar off him and a day and a half later I saw improvement in his actions. I still took him to the vet and they did xrays and complete blood work ups and found nothing wrong with him. The vet said he was dehydrated so gave him fluids intravenously. Now the collar is off he is doing very well. When he cleans himself his eyes become very dilated again so it must be from the poisons still left on his fur from the collar. I used a Seresto collar last Fall with no side effects, but this year's collar is very dangerous to use on pets. My daughter put a Seresto collar on her dog a month ago and she started acting lethargic, had problems with her hind quarters and wouldn't eat or drink. She took the collar off and washed her in Dawn and the dog is getting back to normal. I have read of many other bad reports of this product this year.

  • bmcmichael - Home

    I got this a few days ago and I purchased three pans to replace older aluminum we had. I have to admit that the quality of the stainless steel bakeware I received is excellent quality. Also have to say that the seller was quick to ship.

  • Tondalaya - This Product Took My Hair OUT!

    Where to start? Oh I know where: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! THIS PRODUCT TOOK MY HAIR OUT! My hair is thinner and more broken than before. Even my husband has noticed how thin my hair is (and he rarely notices anything!). I was not expecting a miracle, I was expecting less shedding and less broken hair. I read ALL the reviews and was most impressed by the ones that say they only had one or two hairs in the sink or on the comb (sounded like a miracle to me - even so called healthy hair sheds). OH MY WORD, I watched globs of hair come out. Before you think about it let me say that I FOLLOWED ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS. I even watched the tutorials on YouTube. The only thing did contrary to the instructions was use a leave in conditioner. After I rubbed the leave in conditioner thru my hair I took my hands away from my hair and placed my hands in front of my face to see globs of hair on my hands. My breakage was never that bad! In fact my breakage usually only came in blow drying! Disappointed, devastated, traumatized and writing this review in hopes of saving somebody else the heartache. FYI: I give this product zero stars. You see my rating as one because Amazon would not let me post without selecting at least one star. This product is a waist of time, money and hair!

  • phatmatt - Great addition to the Bob stroller

    We have been using this daily with our Graco SnugRide 35 car seat. The seat clicks in securely. They also include a snap that to keep the car seat in place although I'm not sure if it's needed since the seat is very firm when snapped in (we use it anyway to be extra careful). Placing the car seat in and taking it out of the stroller is easy with nothing blocking the grip for the car seat release. Also, the stroller will still collapse with the adapter connected, although the directions say it shouldn't be left in the collapsed mode for more than a few days.