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  • kitty - disappointed

    I purchased the security camera and this adapter was recommended. It didn't work. First of all, the cable ends were male, same as for the camera. I had to find another cable to connect the two. They provided the CD-rom for installation but it's only for the USB connection software. So basically, it installed the software for that adapter. When I connected the camera, it didn't even show any image, just the screen for the software itself. Apparently, I need another software for the video which wasn't included in my package. And the manual booklet stating that it would be included. I tried to contact the seller and heard nothing from them.

  • amidaphat - Good item, Fast shipping.

    Good item. I have used it 24 hour/ 7 day / more 6 month Non stop, now it still work very well. It can recharge while it is playing, Unfortunately, I don't see it in Amazon or another website.

  • Charles McGivney - It was fascinating to learn about how they built up such an amazing empire while at the same time their union crumbled ...

    Gripping account of this very dynamic pair. It was fascinating to learn about how they built up such an amazing empire while at the same time their union crumbled to the ground. It was heartbreaking to learn about all the struggles that not only Lucy and Desi encountered but also the ones their children did too. The public was kept in the dark through a lot of it and they had to suffer in silence and try to put up a good front in public. Today, with social media, all of their dirty laundry would have been plastered in the news on a daily basis. With all the success that they had, there was double the amount of heartbreak.

  • Redhead - Every home needs this.

    I bought this to replace a big name brand version. The motor died after just over 1 year. I've had this about 6 weeks and wanted to try it before I review it. I really like it, the price is excellent it also can be used for nasal irrigation and it is a fine water floss system. My only quibble is I wish the on off switch was on the flossing wand instead of the unit itself. It is a little difficult to turn it off. But all in all I am really happy with this purchase.