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  • Michigan Girl - Give it a whole week to take effect!! Brought me back to being me!!

    I'm 24, about 6 months ago i got a yeast infection. Went to my Dr, he gave me antibiotics and cream to apply and that was that, for the first one. a month later, another one. ok, went back to the Dr, more meds and cream. a couple months go by and another one. I had a different Dr examine me, she told me most likely my Ph levels were off, could be due to soap, birth control,my bfs semen, or a change in diet, and suggested a probiotic but more in passing than an actual emphasis as a cure. She also gave me more meds and cream and prescribed it so whenever i needed it i could just re-up the prescription instead of coming in again. A month later, another one. Like what the hell? I'm only 24, never had these problems in my life and suddenly chronic infections.

  • erin - Love it! Snaps in easy

    Love it! Snaps in easy. Holds several sized cups. Tray comes off easy enough for me to clean but not so easy that kiddo can take it off. Well worth the money!

  • pofarmer - waste of hard earned money!

    this stuff might be good if you used roughcut lumber or if you sand your deck with 50 grit and take all the old sealer that was on the deck completely off ,last aug i washed my deck off with the cleaner and pressure wash and waited a week in hot weather for it to dry,I had to mix this stuff good there was alot of white sand in the bottom then put on restore ,2 coats , this stuff looked good for a couple months then it started pelling now i have a mess it pelled and over half of it is gone not sure what to do now ,either pell off the rest and put on something else or replace my deck i did replace a few boards before i put on restore but it didn`t stick to them very well either I also watched the video online Don`t waste your money on this stuff

  • Roy Ehmke - Roxio Creator 2011

    I tried several copiers over the years, but this one did not strike my fancy. I thought Roxio had put too many bells and whistles into this thing. Aside from that, after loading it into my system, (Windows XP Pro, 32 bit) it was jockeying for superior position with the copier in XP. To make matters worse, my computer started strange things like not wanting to shut down, and a few other things. I'm generally not impressed, sorry Roxio.

  • Valley - I feel great!!!

    I haven't felt this good in years. I have to admit, when I read that Dr. Hymans 10 Day Detox is endorsed by Dr. Oz I was sceptical as I am of anything involving Dr. Oz but boy was I wrong. I feel great. This is a natural, super easy way to get your body back in balance. I no longer crave sugar or bread and I've lost 13 pounds in 10 days. The people complaining that it is too expensive probably spend an equal amount on junk food without batting an eye. I bought all my supplements on my own but when they run out I will certainly purchase directly from Dr. Hymans site. I am allergic to fish so I was concerned about fish oil being in the supplements. After contacting the company I think I have that figured out.

  • MAH - Alabama - "HOPE"

    I wish I could give you this book because it's not often that we read something that will change our life. I have given this book to my family and and many friends. When I share this book with them, I say it's a book of "Hope" and I can almost read their mind when they hold it in their hands saying to themselves. I don't have time - this book is daunting upon first sight it is so thick - and I say with a smile of understanding, a fourth of the book at the back is given to references and if you read a few chapters a day you will read it in two weeks and find it hard to put down. The gift of your time is worth the reward. I'm reading it now for the second time.