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Home - The central nervous system is unquestionably the most important organ of our body, and injury to the brain or spinal cord has devastating consequences. Research is beginning to unravel the complexities of the injured CNS and is opening new doors for scientists, clinicians, and patients.The National Neurotrauma Society seeks to accelerate research that will provide answers for clinicians and ultimately improve the treatments available to patients. The National Neurotrauma Society will continue to promote excellence in the field by providing opportunities for scientists, establishing standards in both basic and clinical research, encouraging and supporting research, and promoting liaisons with other organizations that influence the care and cure of neurotrauma victims.

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    I bought this for my daughter who felt that the product would have been better if it were interactive or in book form.

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    I love my 2015 Jeep Cherokee, but had I realized the factory install roof rack bars were not built to the generic standard I would have asked for the dealer to include the crossbars in my package. Since I didn't know that at the time. I found myself looking for cross bars when I needed to use my Thule roof box that my husband got me at Christmas. The factory roof rack is much wider than most, meaning that the generic ones I bought at the big box store that "Fit All Makes and Models" did not fit and had to go back. I was shocked at how expensive most company's Jeep compatible crossbars are and it really wasn't in the budget to spend $300+ on crossbars. I was cautiously excited when I finally found this set that said they specifically fit my vehicle. When they arrived I was able to install them by myself (I'm 5'2") in about 10 minutes. A bonus was that they come with a rubber gasket to install to keep down wind noise. I drove a couple times without the gasket, then took them down and installed it (about 20 minutes total, much easier to take off and put back on now that I knew what I was doing) and they are basically silent with that gasket installed. I have now had them on my Jeep for about 3 weeks and they haven't loosened or had any problems at all. I'm so glad I found these and they are such high quality, I would definitely buy from this company again.

  • Robert Dreyer - Excellent for engineering types

    Great book if you need to implement a "REAL WORLD" data acquisition system using the latest C# version.