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Nature's Way Market - Nature's Way Market - Easton, Pennsylvania's one stop shop for all your nutritional, health food, vitamin supplements, and natural product needs.

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    If you're like me, you HATE monthly reoccurring charges, such as cable, insurance, cell phone companies (I'm looking at you Verizon), etc. Why burn money every month on reoccurring charges? I like to have controlled costs and very little "renting" reoccurring charges. But, I also have a family and like to feel secure, along with getting the home owners insurance discount often offered with home security systems. I've used ADT, Brinks, Broadview, etc. at prior homes. However, when I moved, I wanted to avoid having a land line (cell signal is virtually radioactive in my house, even in the basement). However, the biggest problem I had was that most companies charged ridiculous rates for their wireless monitoring service ($5 additional was the cheapest I could find). In addition, the base monthly rate was fairly high, averaging about $35 (ADT was charging me $45 w/o the wireless), with Ackerman coming in the cheapest at $18 (w/ wireless, they were $23/month). I thought about using Ackerman because I preferred a "professional" doing the job, much like when I had ADT. But, when I experienced their sales rep, lack of customer service, and overall horrible experience, I knew they weren't a legit company I wanted to trust my home and money to. ADT and all of the other more high profile personal home security companies were far too expensive and I would either have to get a home line or pay extra monthly. So, I looked into "Do it yourself" home monitoring and found this company along with two others (one is sold at Lowes). This one seemed to have the best monthly price, price of equipment, and reviews, so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try despite my hesitations of the unknown.

  • Thoughts kill, Curiosity just kills you faster. Never over think anything. - GOOD STUFF!!!

    Gave it to my dog to see if it works. The little basstard has not stopped licking him self for a week.