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neo-adventtec.com - Neo-Advent Technologies provides services in preclinical drug development including drug formulation and drug delivery, analytical and bioanalytical characterization, synthetic chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and FDA regulatory consulting

  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/services/drug-formulation Drug Formulation Services - Drug formulation services for solid dosage forms, tablets, topical, ocular, parenteral compositions, tablet forms, coated formulations
  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/services/analytical-and-bioanalytical-services Analytical and Bioanalytical Services - Development of qualitative and quantitative analytical HPLC, LC-MS, LS-MS/MS methods fro preclinical drug discovery.
  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/services/custom-synthesis Custom Synthesis - Neo-Advent Technologies provides custom syntesis and process research and development services for pharmaceutical industry and polymer manufacturing.
  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/services/regulatory-support-of-fda-filings-for-drugs-and-medical-devices Regulatory Support for Drugs and Medical Devices - Regulatory strategies for preclinical/early clinical development; assistance in interactions with FDA and preparing IND filing
  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/services/materials-testing Materials Testing Services - Testing of Material properties by Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry for polymers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biologics
  • http://www.neo-adventtec.com/web/index.php/technologies/api-micronization API Micronization XPRESS - Dry and wet milling of active pharmaceutical ingredients to obtain nanoparticles and microparticles

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  • Timazon - Best Giro Helmet Yet!

    Yes, it's a bit pricy, but this is the best Giro helmet yet, and I've owned many Giro helmets over 30+ years of riding. It's incredibly lightweight at about 220 grams (under 8 ounces), and the RocLoc5 fit system is very easy to use and adjust, a real improvement over the not-so-easy RocLoc4 system. On the road it's very comfortable, well ventilated, and fits securely without being too tight. To adjust how snug it is while riding you can just reach back and turn the RocLoc5 dial, and the adjustments increments are very fine, so it's easy to get the exact fit you need.

  • T. Philipps - Attractive protection

    This Spigen case looks great, is easy to grip, and doesn't add an annoying amount of bulk to the phone. It was also considerably less expensive than competing brands.

  • LookingHeavenward - Worth the money!

    We purchased this from navage.com. WELL WORTH THE MONEY! My Mom suffers from severe congestion, inability to breathe well out of her nose, severe daily nose bleeds (and we run a humidifier in her room 24/7) and sinus headaches. We have been doing navage twice a day for 15 days now and she is doing much better. She breathes better, her nose bleeds are greatly decreased, and her sinus headaches ease after use. I use distilled water and heat 3/4 cup in the microwave for 25 seconds. I then pour it into the machine and pour room temp distilled water until we hit the fill line (1/4 cup)...that seems the best temp. for Mom. We wet the nose pillows and then start the machine. It takes maybe 45 seconds to a minute to get through the procedure and she feels so much better. It helps if you do this over the sink and have tissues ready

  • Darwin L. Smith - Top shelf study guide

    Excellent study material...! This is great of pharmacist or pharmacist tech to review drugs daily to stay abreast of current drugs .

  • dstew - Excellent review book

    My daughter uses the practice tests and I like how the book explains the reasoning behind all the correct and incorrect answers.