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  • Bunnymom - Did nothing for compressed disk

    I tried this machine for a couple months because at first it seemed to be helping, but as time went on, my problem remained, so I cannot recommend this for a disk issue. It's a lot of money for nothing and it takes up a lot of space, too. It is now gathering dust.

  • Cheryl B - Cool and simple! Love it

    This mini fridge and warmer is amazing. The blue is a great color and goes great with a lot of my other items. I placed this in my room and it does not take up much room at all. It is perfect for small spaces such as bedroom, vehicle, even easy to take with you to work. This fridge is very light and easy to carry or transport. My husband takes it to work with him during the day on construction sites and brings it back in at night to keep his drinks cold. It fits 6 coke cans easily and also fits small bottles of water with ease. we took it to the lake with us yesterday and it kept our water cold the whole time. Doesn't take long to cool the beverage and is ready to go quick. Has a switch on the back that you can use to make it a fridge for drinks, food, etc and then switch to warm to keep items such as food, coffee, etc warm. The fridge is very well made and has a handle to carry with ease. The handle is built into the fridge and makes it so easy to carry. Has multiple ways to plug it up and keep it going on the back. Comes with two plugs, one for the wall outlet and a car charger cord for travel. Cute, simple, adorable, and perfect. I received this product at a discount in exchange for m y complete honest and unbiased review. I love this product.

  • JOHN - Five Stars

    Nice rack.....sturdy with no wobble. As advertised. I like the fact that you can easily move them around.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't bother.

    I ordered Nuribullet from the company. Just want to express the dissatisfaction with not only the product but the No Customer Service, Service! On the 3rd use the Extractor blade seal came out..tried to reset it but it will not reseal. Called the company and they did send a new blade but it took two weeks to get it. Now that cuts into the 30 day warranty. On the second use of the new blade again the seal let loose also can't reseal that one either. Called the company told my 30 day replacement warranty was up and I have pay S/H. So now, I have pay even more for a faulty product...WOW! So now I am going to file a complaint against Nuribullet, with the BBB.

  • Adam Miner - and isn't obtrusively large like other bands

    I don't use activity trackers (as I really don't care how many steps I take or calories I burn), but this one is different. The swim tracking (although not perfect), does beat what I expected it to report. Also, the running mode shows how hard your feet are hitting the ground and reminds on technique (preventing injury from heavy foot strikes). Overall, it's a neat little gadget, and isn't obtrusively large like other bands.

  • Mendy - Great deal for under 6 bucks

    My 2012: Doomsday & Countdown: Armageddon movie arrived on time and in good condition. I just bought a Blu-ray player and needed to buy a Blu-ray disc to try it out. I found this 2 disc set for under 6 bucks, why not I said. It was a great purchase. The movies were exciting to watch, not bad for $3 Blu-ray discs. I recommend these movies, the plots are interesting, not 'Armageddon' special effects but more than good enough, and for brand new Blu-ray discs for under 3 bucks makes this product well worth the money. A good product to add to your library of Blu-ray discs. I recommend this product. I give this a 5 star for value and entertaining purposes, not to mention it is Blu-ray.

  • Lindsey - Smells good (not overpowering) and dries fairly quickly so you don't ...

    I was breaking out using aquaphor and regular non-scented lotion, so I decided to try this. Worked perfectly! Smells good (not overpowering) and dries fairly quickly so you don't get any greasy weirdness. Wish I had bought more, or a bigger bottle if there is one!