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Holistic Integrative Medicine and Dental Center | Washington DC -MD- VA - National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA. Integrative medicine center with holistic doctors, dentists, naturopaths blend the best of traditional and alternative medicine.

  • https://www.nihadc.com/new-patients/ New Patient Information - Patient forms and information for NIHA, National Integrated Health Associates integrative medical and dental center.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/dental-services/dental-services.html Holistic Family Dental Services Plus - Holistic family dentistry understands the impact of oral health on the overall health of the body.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/biological-dentistry/biological-dentistry.html Holistic Biological Dentistry | Washington DC, MD, VA | mercury free dentist - Biological dentists serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia,for 25 years consider the impact of dental health on our overall health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/cosmetic-dentistry/cosmetic-dental-services.html Cosmetic Dental Services, Washington DC, Bethesda, Maryland, Virginia, VA, - Cosmetic Dental Services by experienced biological dentists, full mouth restorations, Invisalign, teeth whitening.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/health-programs.html Holistic Integrative Medicine | Primary Care, Lyme, Allergy, Thyroid, Detoxification | Washington DC, MD, VA - Integrative health programs at NIHA look at the patient holistically, blending traditional medicine and alternative therapies to treat the root cause of your condition and restore health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/add-adhd-nutritional-therapy.html ADD/ADHD Therapy | Holistic Integrative Medicine| Wash DC, MD, VA - An integrative, holistic approach to ADD/ADHD by correcting underlying imbalances and deficiencies.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/alcohol-tobacco-and-substance-abuse-disorders.html Addiction | Alcohol, Tobacco, Substance Abuse | Integrative Medicine - Recovery from addiction with the healing power of integrative medicine.Lab testing and nutritional supplements restore and correct imbalances.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/allergy-testing-treatment.html Allergy Testing & Treatment | Holistic Integrative Medicine | Wash DC,MD,VA - Holistic allergy testing and treatment using painless non-invasive testing and customized serums.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/autism.html Autism Spectrum Disorders | Holistic Integrative Medicine | Wash DC, MD, VA - A holistic approach to Autism spectrum can include testing to correct deficiencies, toxicities, and metabolic disorders.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/assessments/breast-thermography-and-breast-health.html Breast Thermography | Body Thermography | Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia - Breast Thermography or thermogram is a non-invasive early detection tool for breast health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/cancer-support.html Cancer Support | Holistic Cancer Treatment | Wash DC, MD, VA - Cancer support with an integrative medicine approach endorses conventional medical recommendations and supports the whole person with safe, complementary therapies.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/candida-yeast.html Candida Yeast Treatment | Integrative Medicine | Wash DC, MD, VA - Candida,or yeast overgrowth fungus can show a variety of symptoms and prevent healing of other issues.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/chiropractic-washington-dc-chiropractor.html Chiropractic Treatment | Washington DC | Holistic Integrative Medicine - Effective treatment by caring Chiropractor for pain, sports injury, carpal tunnel, TMJ, using many innovative techniques.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/chronic-fatigue-fibromyalgia-treatment.html Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia Treatment | Holistic Integrative Medicine | Washington DC, MD, VA - Holistic Integrative approach to Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome offers more options to restore health and energy.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/chronic-pain-alternative-healing-therapies.html Chronic Pain & Alternative Pain Therapies - Holistic doctors have alternative pain therapies to address pain quickly and locate the root cause of pain.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/classical-chinese-medicine.html Classical Chinese Medicine | Chinese Herbs | Washington DC - Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbs may help pain, infection, addiction, fertility, fibromyalgia, and more.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/detoxification.html Detoxification | Integrative Medicine Center | Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia - Detoxification, to naturally cleanse the systems of the body of toxins, which enhances the immune system.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/functional-medicine.html Functional Medicine | Functional Testing | Precision Medicine | Wash DC, MD, VA - Functional medicine uses diagnostic testing to find and treat the root cause of disease or imbalance.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/hcg-weight-solution-plus.html HCG Weight Loss Program | Integrative Medicine | DC, MD, VA - HCG Weight Loss Program at NIHA,medically supervised, effective, resets metabolism.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/heavy-metal-detoxification-removal.html Heavy Metal Detoxification | Integrative Medicine and Dentistry| Washington DC, MD, VA - Heavy metal detoxification and mercury removal using medically supervised holistic approach addresses the root cause and supports whole body healing.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/lyme-disease.html Lyme Disease | Integrative Medicine doctor | Washington DC, VA, MD - Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment, integrative medicine approach from experienced Lyme literate medical doctor.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/holistic-primary-care.html Holistic Primary Care | Integrative Doctors | Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia - Holistic Primary Care Doctor uses integrative medicine and natural therapies to achieve optimum wellness.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/metabolic-therapy-thyroid-adrenal-hormone-correction.html Metabolic Therapy:Thyroid, Adrenal, Hormone Correction | Holistic Integrative Medicine| Washington DC, MD, VA - Dr.Rind explains symptoms of low metabolic therapy, thyroid and adrenal issues.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/naturopathy.html Naturopathic Medicine | Wash DC, Maryland, Virginia - Naturopathy uses a blend of therapies in order to restore the body's health in the most natural, non-invasive way.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/nutrition-and-wellness.html Holistic Nutrition and Wellness | Health Coach | Wash DC, MD, VA - Holistic Nutrition Classes and Coaching using nourishing food as medicine. Eat for optimum health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-programs/holistic-integrative-pediatrics.html Holistic Integrative Pediatrics | Washington DC Maryland Virginia - Holistic integrative pediatrics combines traditional medicine with safe, natural therapies, for the well being of the child.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/health-conditions/health-conditions.html Health Conditions | Integrative Medical Center | Washington DC, MD, VA - The holistic & integrative doctors blend the best of integrative medicine and alternative therapies to treat your condition and restore health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/assessments/assessments.html Assessments - Integrative holistic doctors may use functional assessments to tell how the body is functioning, or to find the root cause of your condition and restore health.
  • https://www.nihadc.com/practitioners/ Practitioners - National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, leaders in integrative medicine and biological dentistry.Integrative holistic doctors, dentists and naturopaths blend the best of traditional and alternative medicine and therapies.

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