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Viajes Fotográficos | Nomad Expediciones Fotográficas - Viajes Fotograficos y expediciones a lugares exóticos y de ensueño como La Habana, Islandia, Sudeste Asiático, Etiopía... ¡Visita nuestro site!

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  • http://www.nomadexpediciones.com/viaje-fotografico/133/viaje-fotografico-a-india-pushkar Viaje Fotográfico a India Feria Pushkar - Our Photo Tour to India,  Pushkar Camel Fair 2016, takes you through Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, in 10 days. We will stay in and around Pushkar for nearly three days to fully capture the life and soul of the Fair, and then set off to explore the most extraordinary parts of Rajahstan. As an optional extension we will visit Varanasi , also known as Benares or Kashi, the oldest inhabited city in the world.   As an optional extension we will visit Varanasi (see bellow.
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    City: 4.9167 North Holland, Netherlands

  • DSmith - Fits but not good quality

    The size is perfect but I washed right after I bought so I could put it in the bassinet and its basically ruined. Looks like sheets from 10 years ago that have been washed multiple times. Looks like cheap flannel. I was very disappointed but couldn't return items bc had tossed packages and washed product.

  • Sibelius - Liking the look and feel (medium-length, male hair)

    If you've ever been curious about Fekkai hair care products, this particular glossing starter kit is a more than adequate way to give these high-end hair products a try. This 3 piece set is meant to bring a glossed, shiny look to your hair and comes with a pleasant smelling shampoo, conditioner and a tube of styling cream. Note that the shampoo/conditioner come in 4 ounce bottles while the cream is 2 ounces.

  • Dhaffirm - I prefer natural remedies - have used this product for years.

    I use Kava Kava quiet frequently, it's a nice way to take the edge off when life is too stressful. Plus it's a nice muscle relaxer.

  • TammyGrl0528 - Highly recommend! Treat yourself!

    I use twice weekly after using Macadamia shampoo...I use conditioner on days I do not use this mask.

  • DigitalMT - BEST Option for the money by far! (2 1/2 year update)

    I purchased this unit about a week ago and I decided to write a review that targets a very specific audience.

  • Amazon Customer - Skip it if you have something better to do

    Two classic ladies in a very lukewarm comedy. Skip it if you have something better to do. This movie is ok to kill time but nothing more than that. The story line is ridiculous, the "twists" utterly predictable and in general it just falls apart rather quickly...

  • Analyzer - Works after 7 months, modified the Gilmore sprayer to get proper dilution ratio

    At first, for a few months I thought this did not work. At first it turned the black color sort of a brownish yellowish color but was still there. Almost wrote a review saying it did not work. Now after 7 months it looks new. I modified the Gilmour 362 that people are buying with this, you almost have to if you don't want to walk up on the roof. I enlarged the holes in the Gilmore on the top so that the roof cleaner is really sucked out as recommended in the dilution to water. If you don't you are putting out minute quantities that is useful for weed killing, but not for this roof application. After you enlarge the holes in the Gilmore, do a test by spraying 1 gallon out and seeing if the proper dilution is achieved. Remember to take the black diffuser off the end of the nozzle for a far reaching spray stream! I will always use Spray and forget now.