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    City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • A. R. - So far it works ! Plain and simple

    Ford dealership wanted to charge me $450.00 to replace an oil pan gasket, and another $483.00 to replace the upper valve gaskets. These were minor leaks on a 2007 Ford Taurus with only 62000 miles on it. The vehicle was emitting a burning oil smell; because the oil was dripping on the exhaust manifold. It stunk bad in the car when you would run the air or anything else. This vehicle has been babied its whole life. Read the instructions on the product carefully and apply as needed to your situation. The vehicle doesn't need to run for two hours straight or nothing like that. Just add as needed and let this non-petroleum based product work it's magic. I have no leaks, no smell and no oil spots on my garage floor. I also have that extra $1000 bucks in my pocket. So far so far so good. I'll update back in a few months.

  • Cheekybaby - Doesn't fit

    It's too big for the KISS dryer. I don't know which dryer it's supposed to fit but it doesn't work. For some reason I threw the box away so I don't know if I can return it. I'm gonna check.