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National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) | Star Scheme | Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme - National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme boosts employability by rewarding successful completion of Skill certificate. Star scheme incentivizes youth for skill training.

  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/organisation-profile NSDC Organisation Profile - NSDC is a unique Public Private Partnership in India which aims to promote skill development through for-profit vocational institutions. Know more about NSDC Organization profile here
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/our-role Skill Development Courses in India - NSDC - Learn how NSDC plays a crucial role in developing Skill Development Courses in India by leveraging private skill developers
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/our-affiliates-0 Our Affiliates Training Partners | National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) - Comprehensive list of NSDC Training Partners certified by Sector Skill Councils & NSDC
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/funding NSDC Skill development funding Vocational Training – National Skill Development Corporation - Learn more about Vocational Training funding, NSDC funding and procedures for submitting proposals
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/advocacy NSDC Advocacy and Communication team - NSDC Advocacy and Communication team works to improve and co-ordinate internal and external information and communications through TVCs, print testimonials & social media
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/standards-and-quality-assurance Standards and Quality Assurance, National Skills Qualifications Framework, NSQF - NSDC - National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) & Standards and Quality Assurance intends to drive competency based training for every job role
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/guidelines NSDC Monitoring Policy, Sector Skill Council, NSDC Proposal Submission Guidelines management System - Find guidelines to become an affiliated trainer. Complete knowledgebase of NSDC Monitoring Policy, NSDC Proposal Submission Guidelines, information on skill development and management system.
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/nsdcreports NSDC Research & Reports - Skill Gap Reports - Find granular insights to gaps in workforce with Skill gap reports. NSDC research & reports are available state-wise and industry-wise.
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/casestudy NSDC Case Studies - Most Recent articles, case studies and research on Gram Tarang training, skilling motor vehicle, case studies, & programs like Hunnarbaaz
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/faqs NSDC FAQ - Check out this page for frequently asked questions on NSDC, FAQ, NSDC function & funding
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/news-events NSDC in News - Learn more about national skill development corporation and programs via our NDSC press releases and NDSC News; take advantage of a host of invaluable media center resources
  • http://www.nsdcindia.org/media_center NSDC Press Releases – Media Center - NSDC media center provides latest news, press releases, upcoming events, information on national skill development corporation and more news

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  • Mike M - A followup.

    (My original review did not publish) I may have misspoke . The screen is resistive vice capacitive and I knew that. But just like other reviews, it is way too difficult to use. I expect to touch ---not have to mash fingertip in multiple places trying to find just the RIGHT spot.Even when you get the right spot, the response is usually very delayed. An impossible tablet to work with. Reading other reviews, evidently at least a couple of others had good experiences.

  • KennyT - Works

    This worked just as advertised for me. Had a big pine over my roof that made the shingles green and moldy. Got on my roof with it and sprayed it on and with an old broom worked it in and my 15 yr old roof has looked new for over a year now.