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Screen Protectors | Screen Shields | Custom Screen Protection - NuShield antireflective screen protection. Custom screen protectors for mobile devices, laptops, car dashboards. Best screen shields on the market.

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  • Carla - I chose this product because of the quality ingredients that had been recommended to aid in his recovery

    I bought these for my brother-in-law who suffered a stroke last year. I chose this product because of the quality ingredients that had been recommended to aid in his recovery. He is doing well with his recovery and every little bit helps. So far this product seems to be good for him. I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nicole - Excellent value, excellent beard oil. Great for revitalizing beards and helping with dry skin

    This is a good beard conditioner. My fiancé has a great beard, and he didn't even know you could moisturize them until we started dating. I have very sensitive skin, so beard burn was real for me, epecially when his beard was shorter. Now that it's longer, it's not as itchy on me but it does tend to look scraggly. I purchased him some beard oil sometime last year, and he liked it when he remembered to put it on

  • Gabrielle - Super cool idea

    Super cool idea, but falls short of expectation big time. Used as the directions stated, found that it is not as strong, nor pliable as described. Tried fixing and mending quite a few things around the house, let cure for 24+ hours to find it will bond to surfaces etc, but not for long. For example: making a new small nob for a window closing crank. After curing 24 hours I attempted to test it out. It fell off after 2 turns, didn't bond well at all. Next I tried reinforcing a loose and wobbly door hook and latch, found the same problem to be present, however it is still working. Just still loose in the screw hole a bit. I have 3 pouches left, so I will try another task with different variables in the near future and update my findings. So far really not impressed :(

  • Megan - Let's see if it works!!!! (:

    I can only give one star at this time, I ordered CB-1 awhile ago because I cannot gain weight i can only lose weight so today is day one of trying it so we'll see what happens I'll be back in about 4 weeks and tell everyone how it worked if it does...