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  • Sean - Garbage

    Lasted less then 2 months. Total junk. Also doesn't connect correctly so your vehicle thinks you have a light out and it blinks super fast.

  • Misty M. - Love love love

    Absolutely love this stuff. It smells amazing it's thick, but doesn't leave your hair greasy at all. Leaves it feeling protected if that makes sense. lol I also use it on my three little girls. I'm a super fan and will be buying in bulk.

  • Brad Southard - Beware of ThreeLac and do thorough research before trying

    I just stopped taking ThreeLac because I developed a severe skin infection with a burning rash. At first I did not connect the ThreeLac to the rash. After several days it became worse and I saw a doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for the skin infection. I stopped taking the ThreeLac since I was now taking anti-biotics and decided to do an internet search for other probiotics that I could take while on the antibiotic. I came across a Holistic health care provider's website where she described her reaction to ThreeLac and many other people left comments about their experiences...most negative. I was surprised since I had read so many positive reviews and I thought that probiotics could do no harm - they would either help or do nothing so I thought. After reading through those experiences I felt weak and panicky because I realized that all my current symptoms were due to the release of a pathogenic bacteria into my bloodstream which is the last ingredient in ThreeLac: enterococcus faecalis. It is a bacteria that normally resides in our intestines, but if you have too much, of have leaky gut syndrome (as most Candida sufferers do), it can enter you bloodstream and cause all kinds of infections. Many people reported getting urinary tract infections which led to kidney infections, and most people reported feeling weak, tired, dizzy, and having other related problems. I too feel sick and weak and horrible with this rash - all my symptoms meet the those of an infection with enterococcus faecalis.

  • JO- NC - No More Rust With These, Hurray!!!

    I love these! I got two. I had the cheap aluminum kind you get at local stores for years. They would be really hard to clean and rust. That rust would drive me crazy! No more rust with these, hurray! They clean easily and I can put them in my dishwasher without worrying they will get rusty. Finally!

  • Bjohnson - Doesn't Fit!

    This post does not fit into my 2" receiver. The edges on this post are squared off, whereas most hitch receivers have slightly rounded interior corners. I have no problem getting other accessories into my hitch receiver, even with room to spare.