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  • sabertootham - Sticks

    These are harder to swallow because they are not coated. The extra-streagth Tylenol are coated and my 9 year old has no trouble swallowing them.

  • ESL Teacher - There's No Tech Support

    There's no Tech Support available. The number I was given when I bought the system in May last year was 1-877-673-1161. When I call that number now, the automated system still identifies itself as Vipre Tech Support, but I am put on hold listening to music for several minutes. Then after that, even the music stops. No one ever answers. I also clicked the "Chat with Support" link and tried to get Chat support, but after waiting 3 minutes, the message came up "Our apologies, all our agents are busy chatting right now." This happened twice with the phone number and twice with the Chat link. So don't believe it when they allege that they provide Tech Support.