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  • AuroraKnots - Reasonably priced and effective.

    The headline says it all. This doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and for me, at least, it works. I have been blessed with a propensity to furrow my brow. End result, I have lines on my forehead, and I hate them. Yes, it's shallow, but I really despise them, and I don't want to wear bangs. So, what is a shallow girl to do? Buy Roc.

  • EKML - terrifyingly bad!

    I was convinced by a sales person to purchase this product. I followed the instructions to the T, and woke up the next day with horribly inflamed, red, irritated skin. I'm getting married in only a few days and obviously am LIVID with this product that is neither "kind", "all natural" or "suitable for all skin types" which is how it is advertised.

  • Amazon Customer - Who Are These People????

    The big take away for me as I read about the conniving people who supposedly "lead" our country is that there is no one who possessed even an ounce of integrity. It was all about their political power and who could get over on the others.

  • Mrs.Quinci35 - Great start, want more

    This introduction book definitely warmed me to the series and Edelheit's writing style. I recalled Anthony Ryan's series with the infamous Vaelin al Sorna (which I adore). The stories are way different except for the protagonists who are kick-ass leaders. The writing is straight to the point, no holds barred, this is what's going on, humorous at times, warm and way less bloody than Ryan's war story. Stiger is no Vaelin though. They're two different animals. Stiger is more man than magic, an aristocrat who's better suited for the battle field. There's a mission, a threat and a fight with interesting developments along the way.

  • david neal - it does as pronised

    followed directions. installed pefectly.did its updates and voila.installed without a hitch. havng said that i dont thinkit was worth tbye 150.00 i paid for it. tbis should have been a free update.

  • Michael Hess - Bambi be gone!!!

    I use it as a deer repellant and it beats everything on the market. I combine it with blood meal and it works amazing. My garden is the envy of the town.

  • Stacy Ann - Been waiting on this book forever

    Why am I praying he is not the father. I have a special love for all of the characters. Cant wait for part 2.