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  • Krista - So Happy To Find One

    I have purchased one of these every year since they started; and around November-December, my Avon lady was very involved in family issues. Thus, it wasn't until I was decorating one of my trees with all of my pewter ornaments in early December that I realized I had missed this year's ornament. The stock in Avon was completely gone!! And so Amazon was my savior at a reasonable price!! Thank you so much!! :D

  • Phillip - Be careful, be precise. Remember its a hobby and plastic.

    It works. Beer brewing is a tricky thing. You will get a batch... 25% of them will have a head and carbonation and may taste ok. You'll suffer through the rest using the "I did it myself" fact as motivation to drink them all. Be careful, don't share with friends/family if you're not really happy with it, which will likely be the case. I had to sand down the spigot's hole in order to get it not to drip, check that. Also follow the instructions precisely, don't take shortcuts. You will find its probably better to go a week longer before you pour, and 4 weeks before you refrigerate the poured bottles to let that carbonation build up. It takes time, patience, etc. so don't get pissed if your first batch falls "flat"...

  • Paul - Switch Panel

    Only problem I have is the "start" knob should be spring loaded, i.e. select left, right and both the turn to start and release once started. Otherwise has made flying and selection "electrical" items easier than the screen and mouse.

  • Diana Meredith - Nice

    The wall charger has is nice that I can charge two devices on this one. A lot more convenient than looking around for which device goes with which charger.

  • callybarb - followed it to a T: Lost 0 lbs

    This was my second time trying the cleanse. First time was years ago and I lost weight but this time I lost ZERO. Very disappointing, followed directions exactly and Never cheated. Even when I was able to add additional protein I did very sparingly. I enjoy vegetables & fruits. I called the company and questioned the dairy free version versus the Whey. That was the only difference from last time. That was a waste of time and I got nowhere. Wish I got my money back. Won't throw my money away again.

  • Chris - Be aware of what you are buying.

    There is some evidence that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), the active ingredient in Natrol Tonaliln, has a positive effect on weight, but only in preventing weight gain after loss. There isn't evidence to show it promotes weight loss.