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  • Sissy G - Brows

    My sister told me about using Rogaine to grow back my brows. It says not to use it on your face but I tried it anyway. I over-plucked my brows years ago and although I have a definite brow line I always wanted those areas to grow back in. Well it's working after just a few weeks. It hasn't come in really strong yet but I believe that it will. The directions say that the first hair is baby fine but will come in stronger as you continue to use it. I am so happy about this and can't wait to see the finished results. The directions say that if you quit using it the hair will stop growing so if you end up looking like cro-magnon you can just quit using it.

  • Nelly L. - Love it

    I love that lipgloss, It is really plumping (you can feel your lips burning a little which is perfectly normal for a plumping gloss), I just thought the color would be a little bit stronger, it is really sheer

  • Sarah Grace - Moisturizing Shampoo

    This stuff is great for adding moisture, and it smells amazing. I use it after Shampoo Two (a clarifying shampoo) to rehydrate my hair and scalp. I definitely recommend it for fighting static and dull, dry hair.

  • IRISH1965 - Different scent from shampoo purchased from salon

    When this product arrived I found it was not wrapped correctly in the shipping box so it leaked all over. Amazon's customer service was excellent and they quickly processed a refund for me. However, I did notice that this product does not have the same fresh scent of the no poo I bought at the salon. I had some of the salon product left and did a smell test and found this online product does not have that same pleasant minty scent. It almost smells like old perfume or that it has been altered. Beware shoppers, I suggest the Deva website for authentic products. The website also lists salons in your area. I am not affiliated with the company.

  • Roy F - Very fun, but limited for now

    I purchased Cozmo on their early release and you need a cell phone to connect to it, but it is a very simple setup. My daughter is into robotics in HS and I figured she'd like this a whole lot and I wasn't wrong. She remarked it sounded like Wall E and that it has an AI learning capability that would amaze younger kids. She thought it was hilarious when it learns and says your name to you. Like all engineering people they want to take it apart or tinker with the program. I think this is where toys in the future are going and this one is a lot of fun. It is limited in its abilities so far, like stacking cubes and playing a fast tap game against you, but there appears to be more program updates coming. It's the reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because it is limited, but I expect that will change soon because the company did a very nice job on their Anki Overdrive set which I bought for a nephew.

  • Jaime - FANTASTIC

    Fantastic .. it covers the window of my new Honda Civic EX 2014....this product is a blessing for my car...Jaime