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  • Laurel Dean - Goodbye to my old standby pregnancy test

    I've had three miscarriages and one baby, and I've taken about 100 pregnancy tests over the course of my fertility journey. I've always used First Response, and I knew that a positive-- even if it only showed up with a magnifying glass and flashlight-- was always a positive. This was always with the old flat tests. Now that I'm trying to have another baby, imagine my dismay when every one of these pregnancy tests shows a faint positive. I spent about a week thinking I was pregnant, and thinking that I was going to miscarry because the line never got darker. Turns it I was never even pregnant. What a waste of money and emotional energy.

  • S. Kim - NOT safe for your pets. Had to rush my dog to the emergency vet as she had a bad reaction to this product.

    Despite what they state on the package, this product is NOT safe for pets (or at least not my dog). I have never spread any product on my grass before but within one day of application (and watering the product into my lawn thoroughly as they suggest if you have pets), my dog's face swelled as if she had gotten bit by a bumble bee. She was also vomiting. Product was spread on in the morning and I had to rush her to the emergency vet by 9:00 in the evening. My dog has never been allergic to anything before.

  • michael - Very much disappointed with this product

    Very much disappointed with this product. No such effects on me what so ever. even after using maximum dosage. Contacted amazon so I can get an authorization to return the rest that was unused. Gave this a try for almost a full week. Nothing. After doing more research, I found information that it may have been a new formulation from the original. Based on reviews that I read here on this site.

  • angie - Everybody who is anybody needs to get this book. ...

    Everybody who is anybody needs to get this book. Very educational and you would be learning about the history of African American. This book is for us.

  • Melissa J. - Tasty, helpful tea!

    I have been drinking this tea every morning for only a few days so far, as well as taking a Kapha capsule supplement (Ayurveda Body-Type Kapha by Irwin Naturals 90 Softgel) for the same length of time, and I already feel GREAT! I've always had a tendency to feel like my head was a little "foggy", especially lately when I've had a lot of stress and felt a bit depressed. But since drinking this tea and taking the supplement, my mind feels totally clear--more clear than I think I've ever felt before! It's amazing! I feel like I can finally THINK! And, I am feeling much more alert and like I can be productive--even from the moment I wake up, before I even have my tea in the morning! Hopefully that means I'll never feel the need for caffeine in the morning, again....