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Pela Cura Anti-Aging & Wellness - Find the new, youthful you! - We believe that the answer to chronic illness and modern American health problems is a proactive one that is based on preventive medicine and a wellness model

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  • Dcorr - The best!!!

    I have had a long journey with adult acne the past year and CLNS BENZD and RETIN have done amazing things for my skin. After only a few weeks I am almost completely clear. I will preface this by saying they are very similar to what the dermatologist prescribed me (which my insurance will no longer cover).. When I first started using the prescribed products it took a little over a month to see a difference so don't give up if these products don't work magic in only a few days, they will! These products are truly a life saver! After running out of the only products that had made me clear I started to break out and freak out. I again tried many products to no avail until I came across these gems. I will be buying these for life! I haven't had much irritation while using these but my skin is used to the ingredients from the derm products. This also can take some time and sometimes best to start out using every other day until you get used to it. I know this is the last thing one suffering from acne wants to hear but it's worth the wait!!

  • cheapskate - gotta work for it!

    This has definitely slowed the hair growth down, but you can't be lazy. You have to be committed to this procedure or it won't do squat!

  • Kindle Customer - Exciting and excellent...

    The hero had lots of flaws, but was likable. I enjoyed the intrigue and the evolution of the romance. Satisfying conclusion.

  • Steve P. - Not worth the Pain

    I was never able to setup financial account importing in the 2011 version, even after having Intuit tech support look into the problem. So, I updated to this version thinking that I would finally resolve this vexing problem and that it might work better with my new Windows 10 computer. It turns out that I was wrong on both counts. This version doesn't allow for text and icon sizing appropriate to my high resolution monitor (even though there're a couple of ways to minimize the pain) and, worse, it keeps crashing when I try to Create Invoices or Receive Payments. This is no way to run the finances of a business, look for other another accounting solution.