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  • Savvy Buyer - No Science - No Proof - Just Another "antiaging" product

    It is abundantly clear that the reviews are being written by Jeunesse Distributors. When you include your email in a review, I am dubious regarding your overwhelming results regarding the product. You are trying to sell the product of course you love it. Buyer Beware - This a very expensive product that does not work (I've tried it, bought it from a friend).

  • Robert W Prouty - There is a pretty complete course in investing within this collection of letters

    There is a pretty complete course in investing within this collection of letters. I started reading them in 1967, and they have stood me in good stead. Bought this edition for my son who I hope will become interested one day soon.

  • Vonique - Great book with a big flaw

    I have learned a tremendous amount studying from this book, but the fact that only half of the exercises come with answers is a huge impediment to my learning. At the back of the book, only every other exercise is listed in the answer key. It is very difficult learning when you cannot get the answers to these questions anywhere. How do you figure out where your thinking is flawed? Even my class instructor does not have a complete answer key and she said it would be too much trouble to go through every answer herself so that we would know if we had got it right or not(I don't blame her, it really would be quite alot of work!). So,I started only doing the questions that had answers because I was driving myself crazy with the ones I didn't know. And even though the icd-9 codes are listed on the internet, the cpt codes are proprietary so there is no way to look them up. So, for the amount of money this book costs, I feel I really only have gotten half the education I could have gotten.

  • NY Andrew - SUPCASE never lets me down!

    I've been using SUPCASE for years now, they make the clear see through back with black borders just the way I like it and their products always provide perfect protection. Will be back again in the future! Thank you!

  • mac4jac - ONLY LASTED 3 MONTHS

    I have been using the Fit bit Ultra for about a year, but wanted something to wear on my wrist because I kept misplacing it. I also really liked the silent alarm which worked well, except one morning when it failed. I pre ordered the Flex and received it March 17, 2013. On July 15, 2013 the wristband broke where it is joined together. I was always careful when taking the Fitbit out of the band to charge it. Fitbit support eventually sent me a new wristband which I received on July 27, 2013. On July 28, 2013, the Fitbit itself died and will not charge. $99.00 for three months. So I basically rented it for it for $33.00 per month. The makes this product an expensive piece of junk. Almost ordered one for my wife, glad I didn't.

  • Jeff J - Great case! I have used these on I phone ...

    Great case! I have used these on I phone 5, 6 , and 6 Plus. They are the go to case when a family member gets a new phone. (I also have one on my Note 4) This clear one I bought was for my daughters I phone 6 plus. She loves the clear and it looks really good.

  • Tarbox - Three-and-a-half if I could

    I'm just not a huge fan of the Faces or Rod Stewart. I bought the whole LP, not just the MP3 track.... and am glad I have it. But I'm a fanatic collector with hundreds upon hundreds of LPS - vinyl, CD, and digital. As far as Faces records go, this is the only one I was really interested in owning. Maybe I'll buy some others later, but for now, glad I have this one.