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  • Dustin Szaraz - Had to get my gallbladder removed!!

    I was trying to watch my weight so I decided to give these little candies a try considering I LOVE gummies and had NOT heard reviews for these fun loving anal bullets. One handful of these little aspartame filled bears of goodness put me into a level of gastrointestinal hell I never knew could exist. I suffered cramping that felt like my guts were set on fire, pain that made me feel like my stomach literally blew up and I ended up bear crawling upstairs to my poor POOR porcelain throne that suffered with horrid explosive bloody diarrhea for 45 minutes while I prayed to the lord to please make it go away. As it FINALLY subsided I collapsed onto the bathroom floor with my pants around my ankles and cried like a child facedown in a puddle of my own sweat. Almost immediately, I was in the OR getting my poor gallbladder sliced out because my body revolted against these fun little gummies so violently. Honest to God, I'd rather eat the sugar and just be fat.

  • mary s - This Stuff is GREAT

    This really works to remove odors and it seems to have the effect of stopping my cat from repeat spraying in the cleaned area. I recommend it, and I recommend the black light to show the spots, too, because I was amazed at how large and diffuse the cat spray patterns are - you really have to clean a much larger area than you think you do.

  • J Lee Quinn - Why Pay More?

    The previous year's version of Norton came pre-installed a year or so back when I purchased a new computer. Not being familiar with Norton, I decided to "let it ride." I found that as long as I paid attention, and periodically did the updates and security sweeps, Norton kept me out of trouble. When the first year was up, I had pretty much decided to re-up with the newest version. The surprise was the price - which seemed to be all over the place, from mega-absurdly high to lo-low, depending upon the vendor. Fortunately, Amazon came to the rescue (again!). Bought it here and saved enough loot for some other goodies. Yes, you have to jump through an extra hoop or two, but if a non geek like me can do it, anyone can! Best price on the web for Norton is right here!

  • lisa - amazing finds

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. I have found so many awesome and unique items on this site. I have ordered over a hundred things between this site and its sister sites. I have only gotten a few duds. The customer service is totally amazing. I do a lot of online shopping and the customer service for Wish is one of the very best.

  • Maurice C. Valley - Glad I bought it

    I've been using the Gazelle Edge for 9 weeks now. I've been using it every day since the day it arrived for between 45 and 60 minutes at a time. It has a smooth and silent operation and folds away when I'm done using it. I like that you can choose to make the work out session as easy or as hard as you want. I wondered if it would be good quality and a pleasure to use and then easy to put away when I'm done for such a modest price and have found that it is on all three counts. Recently retired, I needed something that would replace the two 30 minute walks I used to make every day to and from work. This piece of equipment has done just that.

  • Suk W. Yu - It does get better over time(several days) and with more exposure your body ...

    Im a Vive headset owner. For people who are jumping on the VR bandwagon for the first time, they need to understand that they are probably going to have to avoid lot of fast moving action game such as DriveClub or Eve Valkyrie game and of course you will be fine playing those games after several days of use of psvr headset. It does get better slowly over time(within a week) and with more exposure your body will eventually get used to it. Lot of Nintendo 3DS users had the same problem(dizziness) but hardly nobody complain because they overcome those issue within a week. Oculus early prototype version sold over 200,000 units since 2012 and nobody had a issue with their eyes so don't believe what other VR haters said. Apple,Google,Sony,Facebook will not involve in VR tech if its dangerous. There are very smart people working in those companies.

  • My 2 cents - Bottle is on pace to last about 7 months, using twice per day making it an excellent value!! Also smells amazing!

    I am a new convert to Eminence and decided on this face wash after looking at the Bright Skin Cleanser and Acai Cleanser by Eminence. I felt this Stone Crop was a good introductory product into the line. Everyone else is right-- I would almost buy this and use it again just for the smell of it-- it is refreshing and heavenly! I feel like I am at a spa every day and now look forward to washing my face twice a day (where as for years before, I could barely manage to wash my face twice a week). I previously used Korres Milk Protein Cleanser, as I was already concerned about using more natural ingredients on my skin.