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  • Fallacy1487 - Very useful

    I needed some uranium for my amateur nuclear plant creation work. So I ordered this off Amazon. It was exactly what I was looking for, and even came in a handy can. The only problem is that for some reason the US government has declared my house a "rogue state" and tried to freeze my bank account. Took a star off for that.

  • Shirley Schmidt - It was easy! The only thing I did not like is ...

    OK. This worked! Really it did! I am not too mechanical. It took me about 3 minutes to change out the old for the new! It was easy! The only thing I did not like is how it was packaged -- there were no instructions (but it is easy) and it was thrown in a box with a sheet of bubble wrap. The wrap was NOT taped or anything and the light was just bouncing around in the box!

  • R. Hillyer - Fun for Dogs

    I've misplaced the charger so my doggie is taking a break from it right now. And I'd almost had her trained to drop the ball in the hole and not stand so near the toss area that it whaps her in the face!

  • SirPasta117 - The next generation is finally here.

    The next generation of gaming is here! I have been excited to get my hands on this console since the moment it was announced. The console is beautiful, the controller is top notch, and the Kinect seals the deal.

  • Zack - A bit too much girth for my taste

    This mat is seriously thick. Like, it's like doing yoga on top of a stack of cardboard boxes. If you're into that... then that's probably a good thing. I like to feel the studio I'm paying so much to visit.

  • Amazon Customer - instructions unclear

    During assembly I ran into a problem where the washer that is supposed to fit over the main spindle simply won't fit, and the wing nut that holds the whole drive assembly together won't even thread properly.